• Story Updates May 7th (Midnight)

    Or almost midnight.  I finished it a bit early.

    It's story update time! Find them all below.  

  • My Little Pony Project 2012 Opening Day Video

    We have a bit more coming in from the My Little Pony Project 2012 opening that happened the other day.  This one sort of acts like a montage of the entire event, with a tour of the place as well as a bunch of the crazy costumes people had on.  Check it out after the break!

  • Derpy Hooves Live Wallpaper

    Another in the series of awesome live wallpapers has been released for free, using the awesome Equestria Prevails version.   Check out the video demonstration after the break, or aim your phone at the screen and nab the QR Code below to try it yourself.

    Or click here!

  • Ponymon Dusk/Dawn Mod

    A whole bunch of you sent this one in, but we wanted to do a bit of digging on it before we tossed it up.  As some of you from a few months ago know, there were quite a few pony pokemon mod hacks in progress.  This is by far the most complete one. 

    As one of the pre-readers pointed out,  Rainbow Dash actually gains speed and health as the primaries, so it does look like each character is loosely based on their attributes from the show.  You can also check the chart up above out for the new elements.  Gone are the water and fire types that we are used to. 

    The overall game is still Pokemon: Fire Red, but ponies guys... ponies. 

    Check out the wiki for more information, and a guide on how to try it yourself. 

  • Story: Today I Will Be a Princess (Update Part 9!)

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Cloud Wander
    Description: The Mayor welcomes a glorious new day in Ponyville. Her chief clerk deals with the town's day-to-day business. But when the enemies of love and tolerance are at the gate, who shall defend Equestria?

    Today I Will Be a Princess (New Part 9!)

    Additional Tags: Mayor Mare, The Cakes, Granny Smith, Ditsy Doo, Life in a Pony Town
  • Turnabout Storm: The Other Side - Professor Layton | Miles Edgeworth

    Not to be outdone by Phoenix Wright and his silly legal mumbo jumbo, Professor Layton has been teleported to Equestria to solve mysteries and be bossed around by the Great and Powerful Trixie!  This is the prologue of a planned multipart, so be sure to subscribe if you like what you see. Check it out after the break.

  • Comic: The Best Mare / Fishing for a Laugh / Origin Story

    More Shining Armor and Twilight? Yes please! Lots of cute pictures and comics have come out depicting these two and I certainly am looking forward to more.

    You know the drill, click for full!

  • Trixie and Lyra Update

    Some of you may have noticed over on the Kmart site, that these two are available for "in store only" pickup if you go through the mobile version.  It shows a list of locations with them in stock.  Curious about this, I decided to check for myself! There aren't a whole lot of Kmart stores in my area, but I did manage to visit two before having to return to the email flood.

    Unfortunately neither of them had any.  Talking with the employees there, it sounds like Kmart is pretty notorious for this.  Just to double check, I called the other two nearby locations, and neither of them had it either. 

    Unlike some stores (Best Buy for example- at least from when I worked there), the online and in store inventory is the exact same, so even in store it will show them as available.  If you do decide to try for yourself, make sure you ask them to actually verify them being in stock first. 

    I'll check back in a day or two! If you happen to run into these floating around at your Kmart, feel free to drop us a line.
  • Story: Choices (Update Part 5!)

    [Sad][Slice of Life][Romance]

    Author: Paleo Prints
    Description: Cheerilee wants to teach. Ditzy Doo wants her family to stop thinking she's crazy. Lyra just wants Cheerilee. During their first semester in college a sheltered rich girl, a budding engineer, and a street musician will each have to face the decisions that affects the rest of their lives. Will they be able to stay friends?
    A School Daze/Three Whooves standalone prequel, and the perfect place to start.
    Choices (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: College romance, disapproving parents, ex-Doctor Whooves companion issues, dorm room drama, 90's song references
  • Pre-Readers Q&Neigh Episode 1

    Greetings, avid visitors of Equestria Daily. Today we have something special for you.

    You've asked for it, we busted our flanks over it, and we have delivered!

    Thanks to the efforts of myself, Alexstraza, Daffodil, BronyCray, Blueshift and Hawkysu, we have gathered together a prime selection of your comments and questions, given them answers, and then we squishified them all together into a hour-long podcast for your auditory delight.

    We have youtube and soundcloud links for you, and more information, after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #417

    It's summer! Get out there and have some fun!

    Unless you are here in Arizona.  If that is the case, hide in your cool air conditioned room and post ponies.

    Source 1
  • My Little Pony Project Event Images

    Someone named Brian sent us over a whole mess of images from the MLP project 2012 event.  While a good amount of the actual art was older generation stuff, they are still really impressive.  Some are incredibly detailed (the carousel below for example) while others are just downright bizarre (Elmers glue pony?  I've seen everything.  We need a g4 version of this.)    On top of that, it looks like they had cell phone cases available, along with the usual shirts and other items.  For those that missed the livestream last night, this might be a good way to catch up!

    All of the larger custom ponies can be found after the break, though a few different angles can be found in the gallery he sent over. 

  • Plushie Compilation #58

    Time for some Fleur because every pony has to have a plush edition at some point! See? She's already posed and ready for her debut.

    More plush ponies coming your way guys! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • PMV: Rise Of The Changelings / Moxie (Light Up the Sky)

    Chrysalis taking over the WORLD.   It's a shame we don't have a whole lot of scenes of her in changling form to work with!

    Have some PMVs/

    1.) Rise Of The Changelings
    2.) Moxie (Light Up the Sky)

  • Music Remix: This Day Aria Rock! / Queen Chrysalis' Puzzle in the Caves / End Of Loyalty Dubstep Remix

    We have two new remixes of This Day Aria, and a Dubstep version of Aviator's End of Loyalty. Find them below!

    1.) This Day Aria Rock!
    2.) Queen Chrysalis' Puzzle in the Caves
    3.) DJ MHM - End Of Loyalty Dubstep Remix

  • Story: Elements (Update Part 3!)


    Author: herpyderpy
    Description: In a world without the sovereign Princesses, gemstones have taken over as the ruling force of this modernized and industrious Equestria - running everything from technology and magic to the economy itself.

    But when an ancient, chaotic evil rises to reclaim this world for his own, can a world-weary band of strangers come together and rise to the occasion in a universe where help, strength and courage are not so easily found?
    Elements (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Heroes' Journey, Tragedy, Action, Long, Alternate Universe
  • Vocal Music: Cola Pony / Dear Cadance [Caine the DoomBringer] / Os Pesadelos

    Yes, that is a song dedicated to Cola pony. They totally targeted the wrong one though. Slackers.

    We have three vocal tracks for you this time around.  Check them out below! 

    1.) Cola Pony (ElectroKaplosion Remix) whatisthisidonteven
    2.) Dear Cadance [Caine the DoomBringer] (FINAL VERSION)
    3.) RADIX-Enfrentando Os Pesadelos(Facing The Nightmare)

  • My Little Investigations Demo Released!

    The long awaited My Little Investigations has finally released it's first demo.  Phoenix wright fans and anyone at all interested in solving crimes in ponyville should not pass this one up! The movements are fluid, the voice acting is great, and Rarity is the ultimate drama queen. 

    Head on over to the Equestrian Dreamers website and pick it up!
  • Music: Griffin Village - Spring

    We have two things in this here nightly media post. First off, Jackle App has released a brand new track for the first time in quite a while! His new song, Spring,  is definitely one of the best of the group. 

    Combined with that though is his brand new Season album, filled with all the awesome tracks he has been tossing up on his Youtube in the past few months. Check out the new one embedded below, and click the album image to jump on over to his bandcamp page to download it!

  • Nightly Roundup #310

    You guys completely forgot about Zecora didn't you.  The rate of fan art dedicated to her has dropped dramatically.  This is an outrage to all Zebras, and must be fixed! Go draw some Zecora.

    And for those without artistic talent, have some roundup.

  • Story Updates May 6th (Midnight)

    Sleepy Twi reflects my current state.

    Have some story updates!