• Story Updates April 8th (Night)

    We have eight stories for you all to dig into tonight.  Check them out below!

  • Story: My Little Alicorn (Update Story 3 Part 3!)

    [Normal] [Random] [Dark]

    Author: InsertAuthorHere
    Description: At long last, Luna has found the perfect prank to outdo Celestia: turn her into a filly and stage a fake takeover of Equestria! That is, it would have been perfect were it not for that pesky fine print..
    My Little Alicorn
    Bringing Up Blueblood
    Waning Moon (New Story 3 Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Totally Unnecessary Sequel, Magic Kindergarten
  • Comic: Dawn of a New Day

    We have yet another epic length comic for you all to absorb yourselves in.  This one is actually based off of a fanfic that was posted a while back.   It does involve some Rainbow Dash / Twilight Sparkle shipping, so those of you that aren't into that might want to steer clear.  Everyone else can find all of the pages by starting here and following the links in the description!
  • 2nd Annual League of Legends Pony Art Contest Now Open!

    Summoners! The tide of pony beckons you once again to take something awesome and fill it full of rainbows until it comes out adorable on the other side. Last year, an adjudicator on the League of Legends forums started a competition to take the various champions from the game and turn them into ponies. This year he's doing it again, with a prize of $25 in Riot Points to be handed out to the lucky and doubtlessly talented winner (NA only, sorry).  If you have any idea what that means, and even if you don't, you should check out this thread  and start looking for champions to equinify. I'll give you a hint: the answer is Lulu.

    The more pony art in this world, the better, so storm over and bury this poor man in a wave of pony art the likes of which he can't possibly be prepared for. Our dear friends at Riot Games have yet to release a true pony champion: now is the time to make them see that even on the Fields of Justice, friendship is still magic.
  • Discussion: Design a Pony Toy!

    This was in the drawfriend earlier, and I think it would make a great discussion starter!

    Hypothetical Question:

    You have been hired on as the official toy designer for the "brony" demographic at Hasbro.   What kind of new product would you create?  Do you want molded show accurate Derpy toys? Or maybe high quality Luna plushies?

    The choice is yours! Hasbro has given you an almost unlimited research & development budget, but you need to be able to sell these, so think of something you and your friends would both buy!
  • Instrumental Music: Reality - Woody // Making a Difference // DasDeer - Welcome to Ponyville //

    How could he know this new dawn's light
    would change his life forever?
    Set sail to sea, but pulled off course
    by the light of golden treasure!

    Instrumental music this hour: we start with a piano song for Pinkamena, a song based on the events of Hurricane Fluttershy, and one based on Ponyville itself!

    1) Reality - Woody
    2) Making a Difference
    3) DasDeer - Welcome to Ponyville

  • Comic: Everything Sucks / Twilight Vs Technology 7 / The Great and Powerful Bubble Wrap / The New Unicorn in Town / Ticklish Hooves

    Tons of comics coming in today.   This calls for a compilation!

    Click them all for full as always. 

  • Comic: P Cake

    Click for Full
    Comic time once again with the latest off the presses from Madmax. Cake has to be one of my favorite desserts so seeing Rarity devour an entire cake has me feeling pretty envious at the moment.
  • Wallpaper Compilation #46

    Has Pinkie Pie ever had a wallpaper compilation header?  Well, she needs more regardless. 

    Time to add another pile of stuff to your normal desktop rotation! Check them all out below!

  • Story: Apple Bloom and Scootaloo Go to a Movie

    [Comedy] [Slice-of-Life]

    Author: NeutralMilk
    Description: After Applejack tells Apple Bloom and Scootaloo not to see the hottest movie in Equestria, the two fillies take it upon themselves to sneak off and see it anyway. With a clever lie, their night is practically assured to go off without a hitch. The only thing they hadn't accounted for was the movie theater itself...

    Apple Bloom and Scootaloo Go to a Movie

    Additional Tags: Movies are not what they seem.
  • YTPMV: Space Ponies / Golden Celestia: Dark Luna Formidable Enemy / Appletastic Spring

    I remember back in the day when these were few and far between.

    But so was music.

    We sure do grow quick!

    1.) [1000 SUB SPECIAL] Space Ponies
    2.) Golden Celestia: Dark Luna - Formidable Enemy
    3.) Appletastic Spring

  • Comic: Unnamed Gray Pegasus / Censor Repercussions / Colateral Damage

    Got a mix of comics here for you all today. While the Derpy controversy has died down I still think the comic above has the right message! Down below we've got some funnier fare with Rarity offering a suggestion to Rainbow Dash, and a prank going not as exactly as planned.

    Warning: The second comic contains some vulgar language so be advised.

    Click for full as always!

  • Music: One Last Glitch // H8_Seed - Daring Mare // Recipe For Mystery //

    Turn on- I see red!
    Adrenaline crash and crack my head!
    Nitro junky- paint me dead!
    And I see red!

    A regular, mixed music post this hour: first we have a remix of a Liquid Cobalt song, a remix of a H8_Seed song, and an instrumental based on Mystery on the Friendship Express!

    1) TeiThePony befriends Liquid Cobalt - One Last Glitch (ft. Prince Whateverer)
    2) H8_Seed - Daring Mare (Eternal Insomniac Remix)
    3) [Electro] Elliptisoar - Recipe For Mystery

  • Drawfriend Stuff #388

    This needs to be a screensaver.  I don't use screensavers, but I would if this was a screensaver.  So make it a screensaver.

    Have some art while I make a screensaver.  

    Source 1

  • Game Trailer: Rise of Vicis - Fighting Back

    That screenshot reminds me of that casino level from the Sonic the Hedgehog game I spent way too many hours on as a kid.  Never did beat it.

    Rise of Vicis has released a two minute trailer showing off some of the progress they have made on their upcoming platforming game.  So far it's looking pretty neat!  There is quite a bit of variety later on in the video. 

    Check it out after the break! You can also find their website here.

  • Instrumental Music: Nightmare's Regime // Zecora's Swing // Fluutershöö - Sleepy Head //

    I don't know how to live through this hell!
    Woken up- I'm still locked in this shell!
    Frozen soul- frozen down to the core!
    Break the ice, I can't take anymore!

    A lack of vocals spreads out before your eyes! We have a song for Nightmare Moon, a song for Zecora, and a song for Fluttershy.

    1) Nightmare's Regime
    2) Zecora's Swing
    3) Fluutershöö - Sleepy Head (SimGretina Remix)

  • Episode Followup MMMystery on the Friendship Express

    I heard you guys liked episode followups, and Cereal is lazy, so I'm doing it this time!

    MMMystery on the Friendship Express went with the comedy style FiM episode, which are always my personal favorites.  Pinkie Pie definitely grew on me after A Friend Indeed,  so I was really looking forward to seeing another one with her as the focus.  Imagine my surprise when Twilight Sparkle joined her!  The Best pony co starring with second best pony?! Amazing!

    Anyway, check the followup out after the break!

  • We Love Fine Fan Commercial

    Tonight on "Lost in the EQD media folders", we have a fan commercial/parody for Welovefine!

    It has ponies on a tank, so... just watch it?  After the break as always.

  • Story Updates April 8th (Morning)

    Have your nightly story updates.  There are just three this time around.  Find them below!

  • Nightly Roundup #281

    I have no clue who this pony is, but it's neat.  In fact, if a pony champion was added to League of Legends, I would want it to look like that. 

    Have some roundup!

    Also new banner from Toxicmario and me!
  • Pony Shoutout in League of Legends + Discussion

    This was in the roundup, but there are enough of you sending it that I should probably give it it's own discussion.

    Riot has added a pony reference into the vocals of their new champion, Hecarim  One of his emotes tosses a "Suffering is Magic" line out.  It's about time too! Riot is filled with pop culture references!

    Lets do something fun with this though.  You are now an official Riot Champion Designer.  Make a pony champion!  Toss your abilities/summary in the comments below.

    Check the video out below!