• Nightly Roundup #281

    Sitting Lyra edition! Now that I'm back from comic con my starvation induced psychosis, I can get back to doing what I do best: Messing up simple, menial tasks.

  • Equestria Inquirer #32

    Ahh, it got lost in the email swarm! Have some Equestria Inquirer.  The PDF Can be found here, and the video after the break!
  • Discussion: Your Ideal Pony Massive Multiplayer Online Game

    There are a ton of gamers in this community, and we sure do love to socialize online. 

    Now imagine if you will, a release of a new pony video game dedicated solely to online play.  There are several different types of genres that could fit into this mold, but for the sake of this post, lets roll with Massive Multiplayer Online for the maximum amount of social interaction.  

    There a few broad types of this:
    • Social Style:Second life (100% Socializing) 
    • On Rails Style: World of Warcraft/Everquest (Raids, Instances, Questing, smaller scale PVP) 
    • Sandbox Style: Ultime Online/Darkfall (Complete Freedom, with a focus on stats, Economy, and massive PVP)

    And while games like Diablo and Guild Wars do have a large multiplayer presence, lets stick with the ones that can have hundreds of players in one area this time around.

    What type of game would you prefer to play ponified? Do you want to run instances and raid with your buddies in a WoW clone? Or maybe you prefer the "have a world, have a character that can level up, now go" style of the sandbox MMO's?  Maybe you just want to socialize?

    Feel free to suggest others! These are just the three main categories I am familiar with.
  • PMV: Trails of Equestria / Pink Party Pony / Brotherhoof of Mares

    PMV time! We have all sorts of genres this time around. Check them out below!

    1.) Trails of Equestria
    2.) PMV! || Pink Party Pony || HD!
    3.) PMV | Brotherhoof of Mares

  • Comic: Berry Punch, The Hero / Flutter Bubble / Soda-Pressing / Seems Familiar

    Comic time! We have Berry Punch being drunk above, Fluttershy discovering bubble wrap on the left, and two lyra comics in the middle and on the right! The last one has some continuity with the other Veggie55 comics, so you may need to read those first to understand it.

    Click for full as always!
  • Tumblr Spotlight: The Daily Derp

    Time for something lighter than the usual Tumblr Spotlight!

    Wish you had more Derpy in your day? Give your Derpy supply a shot in the arm with Tetrapony's new tumblr, The Daily Derp. He's promising a small comic once a day featuring everyone's favorite mailmare. The tumblr is a little bare right now, but give it time- it'll grow like a beautiful, wall-eyed flower soon enough.

    The Daily Derp
  • Gabe Newell Joins the Herd

    Considering the EQD Steam group is rollin with 8000+ members, I'm pretty sure a good amount of you have at least some ties to this guy.  It has been a rumor filled mystery for a while now when it comes to the status of Gabe Newell and ponies.    People have sent emails supposedly from him, professing his love for Rainbow Dash.  TF2 regularly drops pony references, though I don't think he has direct control over that.  This is the first time he has actually admit to it though! It's about time!

    You can find the full interview here, and the admission at 15:35.  Someone also uploaded it to Youtube, you can find that after the break!

    It needs some thumbs up too, cause people really aren't liking it!

  • Comic: Ace Journalism / What's Up 1 / Whats Up 2 / It's a Secret to Everypony

    Have some more Scootaloo just in case the earlier Scootaloo maelstrom wasn't enough Scootaloo for your Scootaday.

    We also have some moonhappy trollestia below!

  • A Survey for an Academic Study of the FiM Fanbase

    Twilight loves to learn, and so should you! And if you've ever wanted to help out an institute of higher learning, then now's your chance to earn that unicorn's approval and fill out this survey from Salem State University.

    Here, go ahead and click it.

    I know that seeing so many short-answer forms on a questionnaire can make it look intimidating, and it is a bit more work than the usual batch of closed ended questions, but this is a really great opportunity to provide your own voice and offer unique insights into what makes this fandom tick. Go on, give a really cool media studies professor some good material to pour over and make us all proud.

    ...What? Yes, Cereal. For science. I would think that is impl-- ok, ok! Sheesh.
  • Bronyville Episode 48 - Friendship is for the Ladies

    The 48th installment of Bronyville is ready for listeners! Hit up their page to check it out, and have a synopsis below!
    Bronyville Episode 48 - Friendship is for the Ladies
    Dear Princess Celestia,

    Apple Cider isn’t here right now. He is currently locked up in my closet while me and my girl brony friends take over this podcast and up the cool a few notches. I know you would approve!

    Your faithful student,

    Starry Night
    Show Note
  • Drawfriend Stuff #385

    I never was any good at Megaman, but throw Derpy into the mix and I'm all for it!

    Have some art.

    Source 1

  • Story Updates April 4th (Evening)

    Story updates time! We have 6 this time aorund. 

    And a reminder again:

    When you submit a story update, all we need a link to the story on EQD, a chapter number, and the actual story url (Docs, fimfic, ect). I'm still getting people filling out the entire template on every update, which is probably a pain in the flank! 

  • Instrumental Music: Another Day in Ponyville // "Darker Days" // Bringer of the Sun //

    Crawl from the wreckage one more time-
    horrific memory twists the mind!
    Dark, rugged, cold and hard to turn-
    path of destruction, feel it burn!

    These songs don't have lyrics! This hour we have an original track, some pony metal, and some sort-of hip-hop.

    1) Another Day in Ponyville - LeafRunner
    2) Original Pony Metal: "Darker Days" Instrumental
    3) Bringer of the Sun

  • Simple PMV: Big Big World // Lollipop (Candymare) // Can't fight this feeling //

    Okay, just for today, Fleur can be best pony. Can we all agree on that?

    I think we can.

    She's so pretty.

    Anyway, have some simple PMVs! All music-syncs this hour. Check em.

    1) PMV - Big Big World
    2) Lollipop (Candymare) [PMV]
    3) [MLP:FiM] PMV - Can't fight this feeling.

  • Picturebook: Sisterhooves Slighted

    You guys are always begging for a Scootaloo centered episode, and I think this guy decided to play off that. It's time for a 74 page Scootaloo mega picture book! Can you handle the obscene amounts of orange pegasus filly seeping from its pages?!  Shes everywhere!

    Er, yeah that was a weird one.  Anyway, just go read it.
  • Comic: Teleportation / Apple Bloom and Juicy

    I'm really looking forward to Bioshock Infinite.  The first one had almost as good a twist as KOTOR!  Pixelkitties actually did a video version, you can check that out here!

  • Music: Aviators - The Fear of Flight

    We totally stopped doing nightly media posts! Time to continue that! Have a new song from Aviators this time around.  

    After the break as always! 

  • Screw Hoofboots, Let's Do Bubble Wrap!

    Bubbles protect from everything.
  • Nightly Roundup #280 - Hoofboots

    This Trixie has hoofboots.  Clearly this is a new fashion statement for her and must be drawn in all Trixie images.

    Have some roundup!