• Comic: 20 Percent Cooler / Listen Well / Everyday

    Got some more comics for you all today, keep them coming! Oh Twilight, it's so cute when you try to act cool. Considering your track record imitating other ponies recently maybe you should just be yourself.

    Click for full as always folks!

  • Charity Auctions from Lauren Faust Round 2!

    Over on her Deviant Art page, Lauren Faust has announced an upcoming auction for more pony concept art.  You may remember the crazy bidding wars from about half a year ago when she did this the first time.  The final prices were straight up crazy! We are much bigger now, so I'm sure this charity auction will be even more competitive.  

    If the same deal as last time is being followed, each of these will be auctioned off as standalone copies, and will pop up online for everyone to fight over. 

    The date is scheduled for April 5th.  Head on over to Lauren's Deviant Art page for a bit more information on what the charity auction will be aiming for. 

  • PMV: Maps PMV - Hey Ocean! / The Last Fight / My little madness

    We have another Rainbow Dash/Applejack sings PMV, using Hey Ocean as the vocalist in the first slot. It looks like it was dedicated to Ashleigh Ball's birthday from a few days ago. We also have some rock music in the second slot, and completely random "constantly switching channels" style in the 3rd! Enjoy!

    1.) Maps PMV - Hey Ocean!
    2.) [MLP:FiM] PMV - The Last Fight
    3.) My little madness

  • Royal Wedding TV Spot #2!

    The Hub facebook page has released another video, this time primarily dedicated to the launch of the new Royal Wedding website.  There isn't any new footage or anything, but they did include ponyboards, because ponies can't type without them, unless you are a unicorn. But they are the master race, and we can't all be the master race now can we?

    Check it out after the break!

  • Discussion: The Greatest Show in Equestria

    With the upcoming wedding of her niece, Princess Cadence, Celestia is looking to put together a performance to celebrate. Putting the call out to all of her faithful subjects, the God-Princess of the Sun (may she forever shine her countenance upon us) has selected none other than yourself to host it. Whether by fluke or fate or some elaborate troll, you have full control over the proceedings with an operational budget of exactly one hundred thousand bits. And while you can't place your metaphorical finger on it, you get the feeling that disappointing her would be... unwise.

    So what do you do? Are you going to set up an epic rock ballad with Scratch and Octavia? A huge opera starring half of ponyville? A magic act to put all others to shame? Will there be construction, or cake? And which ponies do you put on which tasks? And on a less esoteric note, just what sorts of things are you hoping to see out of the upcoming equine Wedding of the Century? Tell us all about it in the comments below, and make your princesses proud!
  • Wallpaper Compilation #45


    Man, Rarity looks rather determined. She really wants to make you a dress.

    Witty words come unwillingly at such an early hour. Have some wallpapers after the break! Or maybe this time I'll just skip the wallpapers and bring you guys some candy. Either way it'll be after the break.

  • Custom Compilation #57

    Royal guard edition because the guards need recognition at some point, right?

    Time for more custom ponies you guys! You ready?

    Source 1

  • Comic: After the Migration / Diary Defense Mechanism / Discharge Denied

    It's not too often that we get a Spike centric comic, but they do tend to have a knack for tugging at the heart when they appear.

    Once again, click for full!

  • Custom Pony Clothing Site Launched

    It looks like the custom store over at Fashion Playtes has popped up for pony.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this probably wasn't thought up with our fanbase in mind, but for those of you with daughters/younger sisters, this might be a fun one!   They even have Luna for once!

    Check the site out here!
  • Story: The Marvelous Adventures of Pinkie Pie: Crasherdude Awesome vs. Mooncloud Shadowdancer

    [Comedy] [Random] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Morty
    Description: It's just a normal day in Ponyville when Pinkie's Pinkie sense alerts her to an impending Mary Sue fanfiction. Things take a horrifying turn for the worst when Ponyville is invaded by not only not only one of the obnoxious characters but two! Now the very fabric of reality is in danger as the two OC ponies fight for dominance and only Pinkie can save the integrity of the fourth wall. We're doomed. (Third place Winner of the February write off)
    The Marvelous Adventures of Pinkie Pie: Crasherdude Awesome vs. Mooncloud Shadowdancer

    Additional Tags: Satire, Funny, Meta, Wall-breaker, Witty
  • YTPMV: YOUKAI PONY ZONE / Lick the Pegasus / Aural Ponyapse


    More ridiculousness in the form of YTPMV below! Charge?

    2.) Lick the Pegasus
    3.) Aural Ponyapse

  • Story Updates April 3rd (Evening)

    Just a reminder to all the authors out there, when you submit a story update, all we need a link to the story on EQD, a chapter number, and the actual story url (Docs, fimfic, ect). I'm still getting people filling out the entire template on every update, which is probably a pain in the flank.

    And please do include the EQD link.

    Anyway, have some story updates!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #384

    Pegasus edition! Unicorns seem to steal all the credit around here on EQD.    I blame Cereal for being ridiculously biased toward them.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Royal Wedding Billboard Invades LA

    As was mentiioned in the press release a few days back, the Royal Wedding billboard has finally made it over to LA.  It looks like it's taking the same slot as the other pony billboards.  The hype for this episode, it just keeps growing!

    Thanks to MLP.Hpause for the image! 
  • Instrumental Music: Beautiful Night / Rave 'N' Dash / Shroud The Land / Zenith / Year Of The Dragon

    Quite the mix this time around! We have something for pretty much everyone. Check it all out below, and genres next to their songs.

    1.) Beautiful Night (Electronic/Industrial)
    2.) Woody - Rave 'N' Dash (Dance/Trance/Electronic)
    3.) Wintergreen - Shroud The Land (Orchestral/Piano/Bass)
    4.) David Larsen - Zenith (MLP Music) (Symphonic/Cello)
    5.) Year Of The Dragon (DJPoniver Remix) (Drums and Bass)

  • Welovefine Stocks Hats!

     Welovefine has expanded their inventory once again, this time with the inclusion of embroidered pony baseball caps! It looks like right now, Derpy and Rainbow Dash's butt symbol are in stock, though judging by their other wares, I'm sure a ton more will pop up eventually!

    They also have a few new shirts to peruse, you can find those after the break, or use this link to go look at them yourself.

  • PMV: The PMV Pony Madness / Frontier Psychiatrist / Sweet Apple Acres

    That first one is pretty wild. Tons of variety in it.  It reminds me of one of those crazy videos they play in the background at clubs.

    The second is random, and the third is based off of the Sweet Apple Acres song from a while back!

    1.) [500 Subscriber Special] The PMV Pony Madness
    2.) Frontier Psychiatrist PMV
    3.) Sweet Apple Acres [PMV]

  • Remix Music: At The Gala - (Sim Gretina Remix) // F3nning - So Many Wonders // Friendship Is Magic: Intro Theme //

    Dream the same thing every night-
    I see our freedom in my sight.
    No locked doors, no windows barred.
    No things to make my brain seem scarred.

    Remixes this hour: At The Gala, So Many Wonders, and the intro theme!

    1) Myk - At The Gala - (Sim Gretina Remix)
    2) F3nning - So Many Wonders (Everything Remix)
    3) My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Intro Theme (A.I. Glitchill Remix)

  • Story: I Dream of Daisies (Update Part 2!)


    Author: Ezn
    Description: Daisy Dreams, master of lucid dreaming and a rare earth pony in the field of subconscious investigation, enters the dreams of troubled ponies to help them overcome their troubles and get to sleep at night.
    I Dream of Daisies (New Part 2!)

    Additional Tags: Subconscious, investigator, nightmares, dreams, episodic
  • Untitled

  • Story Updates April 3rd (Morning)

    Silly Twilight Sparkle, your hooves aren't immune to fire. That is going to sting later!

    Have some story updates.