• Video: Meet Pinkamena

    The last "Meet the X" pony video was a hit, so have another one, this time dedicated to swapping Pinkamena with the TF2 medic!

    Check it out after the break!

  • Vocal Music: Memories / Pinkamina's Got The Blues / Luna My Sweet Sister

    We have a lot of Electronic vocal tracks in the fandom, but not too many roll with the classics. It looks like this have changed this time around! Gave some acoustics and blues.

    1.) MLP: Memories
    2.) Pinkamina's Got The Blues
    3.) Luna My Sweet Sister

  • Getting the Word Out - A Fan Voice for Lyra

    Poor Bon Bon. So, this has just kind of been sitting here for a while, just waiting for a decent spot to sneak in and be cool. But infinite amounts of pony time later, the video you will see below the break is still sitting at under 1,000 views. This needs to change.

    For a long time, I was a fan of Lyra as a mute. She's never really needed to talk to be the sweetest, bounciest, grinniest and all around bestest pony that ever was. In fact I feared that should she ever speak, it would dilute the magic. Then I heard this. TheRobotButterfly, wherever you are, don't stop doing this.

    This has been another exciting edition of Phoe Takes Up Blog Space To Do Nothing Useful. I hope you'll tune in next time, when we discuss the effect a masked vigilante like Mare-Do-Well has on the mafia families of Ponyville.
  • Vocal Music: Everfree's Penumbra / / Flim Flam Barbershop

    Two more vocals and a remix! First off is a really neat rap track, followed by some jazzy Discord and finishing off with a barbershop style Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.

    1.) Everfree's Penumbra - TrevLegend (feat. The Great and Powerful Chalupa and Temporal Walker)
    3.) Flim Flam Brothers Barbershop Squeezy 6000

  • Plushie Compilation #51

    Fausticorn edition because she certainly looks great in plush form! We received word from the maker that Lauren Faust herself purchased this one which is quite amazing. Congratulations to Whitedove, I'm sure Lauren would be more than pleased with the purchase.

    Time for more plush ponies you guys! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Remix Music: Trixie Is Best Pony // Fruits Of Her Labour // Back in the Day (Orchestral Swing Mashup)

    Mouth so full of lies-
    tend to black your eyes.
    Just keep them closed-
    keep praying- just keep waiting.

    Remixes, in packs of three: one for Trixie, one for Fruits Of Her Labour, mashup of all sorts of songs from Tsyolin!

    1) [music] Trixie Is Best Pony -- Scootalootacris
    2) WoodenToaster & StormWolf - Fruits Of Her Labour (Likonan's Nu Skool Han Breaks Remix)
    3)Tsyolin Befriends The Living Tombstone - Back in the Day (Orchestral Swing Mashup)

  • Comic: Duckface / Daring Do by Anon / CMC Gossip Column, Yay!

    Some more comics for you folks. Rarity, while I appreciate the effort, I think it's going to take longer than you think to instill the same irresistible charm you have in Twilight (Don't worry, I still think you're awesome Twilight!).

    Click to view in full!

  • Another MMMystery on the Friendship Express Clip!

    The Friendship Express puzzle game has been updated with yet another new clip!  This one clocks in at a whopping two minutes long.  You can either go play the game and reward yourself for a job well done, or just watch it here!
  • (Afternoon Edition) Nightly Roundup #279

    I couldn't stay awake last night to do the roundup, so have it in the afternoon instead!

    Trixie doesn't care, shes just chillin.

  • PMV: PINKIE♥BEAT / Daring Mar / Sweet Apple Acres

    Time for some HAPPY. For some odd reason, whenever a pmv comes in with strange characters and caps lock, it's always Pinkie Pie.

    We also have some lip sync in the other two slots. Check them all out below!

    2.) Daring Mare PMV
    3.) Sweet Apple Acres PMV

  • Trailers/Intros: My Little Archer Intro / Grand Theft Pony: Equestria City / The Equestrian Grey

    I've never heard of Archer, but that is a damn good rendition of whatever the intro is! We also have some GTA, though I think we have seen one of these before. And in the last slot is The Gray ponified. Now go watch stuff!

    1.) My Little Pony Archer intro
    2.) Grand Theft Pony: Equestria City - Intro
    3.) The Equestrian Grey

  • Drawfriend Stuff #383

    Trixie, hoofboots, EXPLOSIONS... This image might hurt my eyes a bit, but I could watch it all day. You should click it. 

    I swear I'm not biased. 

    Source 1

  • Story: The Equestrian Spring (Update Chapter 4!)


    Chocolate Milk
    Description:Nine months was all it took for one earth pony to put Princess Celestia on the defensive. A fledgling protest movement and its wily leader have risen to challenge both her and Luna's age-old rule. And though Celestia harbors many doubts about her adversary’s true motivations, she can't shake the feeling that her own frantic strategy to restore order just might be proving the protesters’ point. As she and a devoted Royal Guardspony race to tamp down the flames from Just Cause’s torch, the princess will discover firsthoof what happens when her sister’s regrets and resentments are set free, when the loyalty of Equestria’s bravest is pushed to its limits, and when a few ponies’ genuine fears are ignored for just a moment too long.
    The Equestrian Spring (New! Part 4)

    Additional Tags: You are not my princess
  • Story Updates April 2nd (Evening)

    Zee Stories, you must update them!

    Have some after the break.

  • Royal Wedding Website Launches

    The Royal Wedding website has launched, and with it a whole plethora of awesome stuff to drool over.  The shoutouts are numbering in the hundreds! (Well, not that bad).

     The press release from a few days ago definitely didn't lie!  They are going all out this time around!  It looks like a few aspects are still under construction, but you can already click around and play a few games, including a Rainbow Dash sidescroller, a Twilight Sparkle party invitation designer (Similiar to the ones we have used already), and a Rarity pony creator (The Facebook game).  They also have a voting thing going on for Applejack's cakes.  

    Head on over and grab the "royal wedding package" for the really awesome stuff.  There are some potential spoilers here, so avoid it if you want to be completely surprised on the day it airs.  The fan shoutouts may be website exclusives, but if we see this in the actual show, I'm sure the entire fandom will explode twice.

    Anyway, find the images after the break! 
  • Comic: Moving too Fast / Last Cider of the Season / A Friend in Need

    Got a bit of variety in comics today for you all! Poor Bonbon, I don't know how you put up with Lyra's goofiness, but we're certainly glad you do.

    Below we've got yet another cider comic (I swear, you guys have gotten some insane mileage out of that episode) and a touching moment between Scootaloo and Fluttershy.

    Click to view the full images!

  • Instrumental Music: Don't Feel Bad // Rarity Likes Straws // Past Sins Main Theme //

    No life till leather- gonna kick some flank tonight!
    We got the metal madness- when our fans start screaming it's right!
    Well alright, yeah!
    When we start to rock we never- stop again!
    Hit the lights! Hit the lights! Hit the lights!

    Some instrumentals: one inspired by Pinkie Pie, a Rarity trance, and something for Past Sins.

    1) ProfoundTwi - Don't Feel Bad
    2) Stablefree - Rarity Likes Straws
    3) Past Sins Main Theme (Original Composition)

  • Story: A Rose Reverie

    [Sad - Tragedy]

    Author: Josh Meihaus
    Description: Fear, a misunderstanding, betrayal...it all began with
    those. Ponyville's most energetic, most joyful, most entertaining
    occupant lies imprisoned behind locked doors and barred windows. Even
    a consummate optimist wouldn't last long in this place, and yet here
    she is. Trapped in a world where the only escape is the oblivion of
    A Rose Reverie

    Additional Tags: Trapped in her own mind.
  • Discord Sealed Away! Equestria Daily is Victorious!

    Through the combined efforts of ponies everywhere,  Discord has been locked away once again, and EQD is back to normal! (whatever normal actually is for this site). 

    Hopefully you all had fun regardless.  Twenty four hours of chaos definitely tired me out, that's for sure! Lets not do that again... until next year...  I need a break.

    And with that, I'm off to work on the nightly roundup and clean up the remaining nonsense left over from our chaotic overlord.  Making all these banners put me way behind again!

    Thanks as always to the armada of artists over at the Vector Club! And thanks to all of you for not freaking out.  Discord was just trying to get a rise out of us!