• Story Updates March 7th (Midnight)

    Have some story updates to go with your ridiculously short roundup!

  • Nightly Roundup #262

    Ridiculously early roundup!? That's what happens when it's short!

    Have some news.

  • Wireframe Pony Sculpture

    We have had ponies made out of pipecleaners, felt, paper, and pretty much everything else non-lethal you can think of, so why not add another one to the list! This is a wireframe pony contructed by an artist named David Deuchar at Indiana University.  Apparently something like that takes fourty hours of work! I have to admit, I didn't even know this medium existed outside of the 3D modeling in the virtual world.

    Now we need to make a giant one and convert it into a bridge! Wouldn't that be neat..?

    Comments Derped on the other one! You can find the old stuff here.  

  • Simple PMV: Jackie's 99 Problems / Pony Mead / Potently Limy: Herding is Pacifism / Rainbow Dash- Skyscraper

    Simple PMV time! As a reminder, simple does not mean bad. Simple simply means they focus more on a story, or simple scenes as opposed to blinding effects and crazyness.

    Check them all out below!

    1.) PMV - Jackie's 99 Problems (And the Apples Ain't One)
    2.) Pony Mead
    3.) Potently Limy: Herding is Pacifism
    4.) Rainbow Dash- Skyscraper

  • Instrumental Music: Deae Lunae (Thorinair Remix) / Party Cannon (Aussie Remix) / Stone Cold /Divinity (Rarity's theme) / Study of the Ancient Art

    Instrumental time! No words allowed!

    We have genres next to their specific songs, check them all out below.

    1.) Makkon - Deae Lunae (Thorinair Remix) - Orchestral/Dance
    2.) Silva Hound - Party Cannon (Aussie Remix) - Electronic
    3.) Stone Cold - Piano/Percussion
    4.) pRK- Divinity (Rarity's theme) - Piano/Dance/Electronic
    5.) pRK- Study of the Ancient Art (Twilight Sparkle's theme) - Electronic / Drums and Bass

  • Welovefine Tee Shirt Contest #3 - Now with 100% More Lauren Faust!

    The third installment of Welovefine's MLP Tee Design Contest is about to begin!  With the last few being so incredibly popular, I suppose this was inevitable.

    It looks like they actually grabbed Lauren Faust herself as a guest judge! Yeah, I had to double-take at that too.   Hope you guys are ready to impress her!

    The actual submission page appears to still be under construction, but I will let you all know when it opens up!
  • Plushie Compilation #46

    Big Macintosh sure is a great brother and now he's a great plush as well! This has to be the best one I've seen of our pony of few words.

    Check out more plush ponies after the break!

    Source 1

  • Story Updates March 7th (Evening)

    Story update time! Just three this time around.  Check them out below.

  • Comic: Well Buck... / The Muffin Quest / Angel First / Beyond her Garden

    Comic time! Lots of good ones this time around, everything from Flutterbitch to a visual version of Beyond her Garden.  Click for full as always. 

  • 1080p Friendship is Magic Now on iTunes

    Good news! With the new iTunes 10.6 update, it looks like 1080p pony downloads are fully available.  All you need to do is update your program, and hit edit-->Preferences-->Store, then select 1080p instead of 720. 

    The bad news? iTunes doesn't downscale it for lower resolution monitors.

    Best program ever....  You will need to download the lower 720/480 if you don't have a monitor that supports full HD,  (my laptop that is connected to my 1080 TV for example).  I'm sure there are workarounds out there,  but the default iTunes setup straight up refuses to play them. 

    Now go upgrade your pony!
  • YTPMV: On to Ponytown / PONYBUSCUS / Bridle Blues

    YTPMV Time! Two games and a random. Check them out below.

    1.) Cave Pony - On to Ponytown
    3.) Super Meat Brony: Bridle Blues

  • McDonalds Ponies Boxes

    With the official release of these guys coming out in a few days, you may be wondering how exactly McDonalds will be receiving them.  Thunder Vision sent this image of the unopened box sets coming to his specific restaurant.  It does look like the stocking sheet was pretty accurate on that front.  Each pony comes bundled with another right out of the factory. 

    As is the norm for McDonalds though, exact dates and releases are never guaranteed, so you may get something completely different than what you spect.
  • Story: The Legend of Star Swirl The Bearded (Update Part 7!)

    [Comedy] [Adventure] Hey, do you want to buy a horn warmer?

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: History teaches us that Star Swirl The Bearded was one of the greatest unicorn mages ever to have lived. But history never recorded the real story. What was the secret of his beard? What the heck was the amniomorphic spell? Why does it all sound a bit made up? Discover the truth about Star Swirl, and the greatest con in Equestrian history.
    Star Swirl wasn't the stallion everyone thought he was.
    The Legend of Star Swirl The Bearded (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Fake Beards, Tax Evasion, History
  • Comic: The Running Of Lyra / Lyra's New Wish

    Lyra doesn't even need Bonbon to be awesome.  Honestly I like it more when her only fanon trait is the need to act like a human.

    Pegasus wings grabbing things on the other hand... kinda weird tbh! 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #355

    Are you daring!?   Can you handle the adventure?!   Then have some art!

    Source 1
  • Top 10 Community Voted Videos of February

    The polls have been closed, and the votes are in! These are your choices for the best of the best videos of February.

    Luna's general work day totally didn't hit first place though.  I'm disappointed! 

    Check the video out after the break. 
  • The Full TV Guide Image for the Season Finale Rumor

    We are still waiting to get our hands on one of these, but this is the actual full on TV guide magazine that has the season finale synopsis in it.   Apparently these release officially on Thursday, so we should be flooded with confirmations tomorrow if everyone looks good.  I know sections all over reddit and other boards are going full on Sherlock Holmes on the picture from yesterday, so maybe this will give you  a bit more to chew on!

    Now, assuming it is real, and you read the big reveal yesterday, what do you think of it a day later?

    Note: Seems like comments died on the last one for some unknown reason.  Looking into that! Have a new one.  
  • Vocal Music: Derp Eyed Gir / / You Could Be Assertive Too

    No song in the most recent episode?! Who cares! Have some Iron Will and Derpy vocal stuff!

    1.) FraGmenTd - Derp Eyed Girl [MLP: FiM Fansong/Parody]
    3.) You Could Be Assertive Too

  • PMV: Hello Cold World / Friendship is Anthology

    We have one of those word based PMVS, followed by 10 minutes of ridiculousness this time around! Check them out below.

    2.) Friendship is Anthology

  • Music: Balloons in My Basket (Dj Pon-3 Deep Thoughts Remix) / Friendship" Orchestral/Experimental Cover) / Electro Enchantress

    It's remix time! Primarily electronic style this time around, with some orchestral found in the middle. Charge!

    1.) FraGmenTd - Balloons in My Basket (Dj Pon-3 Deep Thoughts Remix)
    2.) Tsyolin Befriends Aviators - "Friendship" Orchestral/Experimental Cover) ft. Veggie55
    3.) Electro Enchantress

  • Story: Melting Away


    Author: Melon Hunter
    Description: Commissioned to produce a dress for Princess Celestia herself, Rarity orders in the finest fabric she can get her hooves on. However, her work is disturbed by a mysterious plague that spreads through the town, causing ponies to lose their beloved manes! Is it the work of a phantom prankster? Perhaps a deadly disease? Or maybe something a little more... colourful?
    Melting Away

    Additional Tags: Fabulous fabric causes complete chaos.

    Winner of the Fimficion February Write-Off!
  • Animation: Twilight Goes on a Diet

    It's that time of the night once again! We have something completely ridiculous for all the night owls/non-American people.  Why is Twilight speaking Japanese you ask? Who knows! Enjoy!

  • Story Updates March 7th (Morning)

    Just two story updates tonight! Readers of Death Note: Equestria and  Displaced can find them below.
  • Nightly Roundup #261

    This needs to be an episode right here.  It would be perfect.

    Have some news!

    Uhh, and the post title... TV Guide has a very slight alteration to the normal "It's about Time" synopsis.  I accidentally used my draft post from earlier for the roundup! It's pretty minor.  You can find that here anyway though!