• Comic: Pinkie Pooh / Cookie and the Feast / Gilda's Sorry

    Triple comic time once again everyone! Up above we have Pinkie pushing her smile inducing skills to the limit.

    Also for you tonight are two new works by Mickeymonster. We don't get many Gilda comics and this one is rather sweet so go check it out!

    Click the images for full size.

  • Story: Nightmare Spike


    Author: Swashbucklist
    Description: On Nightmare Night, Spike the dragon masquerades as his favorite superhero. Good thing, too, because this year, dark mischief will take place and an unknown presence will threaten Ponyville's safety. Some super-heroic effort may be needed.
    Nightmare Spike

    Additional Tags: Superhero, Nightmare Night, Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, Inspired by Movie
  • Everfree Radio Lee Tockar Interview (Voice Actor behind Snips and The Sea Serpent)

    For those looking at a bit more insight into the voice acting scene, Everfree has done an interview with Lee Tockar, the voice behind Snips and "Steven Magnet".   They also included their review of Putting Your Hoof Down.

    Check it out here!
  • Animation: Drive By / Season 2 Ending

    We have two neat ones for you tonight in the animation/flash category! The first is a Vinyl Scratch music video dedicated to the song "Drive By".

    And following that, we have a mock season 2 ending, if produced by capcom! Check them both out after the break on Youtube, or click the image above for the Scratch one on Deviant Art.

  • Fluttershy's 3D Scene Analyzed

    I'm sure most of you noticed this crazy 3D style effect in the most recent episode.  It definitely seems to pop out of the screen.   The guy that did the Pinkie Pie walking animation segment from "Smile Smile Smile" has done a full analysis, to explain exactly how our normally flat flash Fluttershy somehow pulled this off!

    Check the entire video out after the break.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #354

    It's art time here on Equestrian Effect 3!  I really need to find some time to go pick it up!

    And for the non-space opera fans out there, have some normal pony!

    Source 1
  • (Rumor) Season Finale Synopsis + Twilight Sparkle News

    Avoid clicking to avoid spoilers!
    This was actually sent in from someone who has the physical copy of TV Guide.  It looks like this is a semi-synopsis for the season finale two parter.  It isn't listed anywhere on their website, and I don't have a copy myself, but this looks pretty legit!  We will keep a rumor tag until a copy can be tracked down though!

    And I forgot to mention the air date! Looks like part one of the season finale will be on April 21st, according to this little snippet. 

    Have the actual synopsis after the break in text form!

    Thanks to Alex for the image! 
  • Instrumental Music: I'll always cheer you on / Lunar Phases / A Very... Chaotic Paradigm / A Song For ‽π

    It's instrumental time! Genres can be found next to their respectic songs!

    1.) I'll always cheer you on - CommandSpry (Drums and Bass)
    2.) "Lunar Phases" - TJBrony (Electronic Orchestral)
    3.) A Very... Chaotic Paradigm Shift (CHAOS Piano)
    4.) Psychedelic Brony: A Song For ‽π (Psychedelic Electronic)

  • Story Updates March 6th (Evening)

    Story Update time!  We have seven of them this time around. Check it all out below!

  • Beat the Crap out of Things with Twilight Sparkle in Skyrim

    It's good to see our esteemed mod community hard at work creating amazing things like this, now that the Skyrim Creation kit is released.  Clearly stabbing and beheading people with your very own Twilight Sparkle sword and mace combo is the best use of the new power granted to us by the overlords at Bathesda. 

    If you wish to be blessed with this savant level display of art and engineering, check it out above in the video. You will not be disappointed.
  • Comic: Pony Effect / Little Sip

    Click for Full
    In celebration of the release of Mass Effect 3 today we've got a little Mass Effect comic for you guys courtesy of Veggie! I'm sure I know what many of you Mass Effect fans (myself included) will be doing this week.

    Down below we have more cider antics! Rarity, you were just asking for trouble, you know that right?
    Click for Full
  • Music: DERPDay by Derpy Hooves / MLP: The Equestria Train / Journey - Scarlett Peace

    Derpy sings her own version of Friday? And It's actually pretty good?

    I lol'd. Sorry Derpy, I can't take that seriously.

    Have some vocal stuff!

    1.) DERPDay by Derpy Hooves (Rebecca Black - Friday Parody)
    2.) MLP: The Equestria Train
    3.) Journey - Scarlett Peace (The Cutie Mark Crusaders)

  • Story: The Games We Play

    [Shipping] [Sad]

    Author: AbsoluteAnonymous
    Description: There's been another sighting of the mysterious Mare Do Well...but this time, all of Rainbow Dash's friends plead ignorance, insisting that they've put aside their costumes for good. Rainbow Dash is determined to uncover the masked mare's true identity before she's humiliated yet again, but this time around, the vigilante seems especially interested in her as well. Will Rainbow Dash be able to solve the mystery before the culprit takes the hoax too far? Or is she in danger of losing not only her mind, but her heart?

    The Games We Play

    Additional Tags: Mystery, Obsession, Psychological, Identity, Perception
  • Pony Trailers: World of Ponycraft: Catacylsm // The Mare in Black //

    And then Trixie had her own movie and Seth died happy.

    Speaking of movies, we have two pony trailers here for you: one is for World of Ponycraft and the other is a parody of The Woman In Black. Check them out!

    1) World of Ponycraft: Catacylsm
    2) The Mare in Black

  • Music: Derpy Don't Change // Pegasus Dreamscape (Ft. Callacanter) // Daring Do (Love Me Do) //

    Music game for music post! I think there's music involved, anyway.

    Vocals time! One is a repost because the URL messed up, one is about pegasuseses, and the last one is some surprise Daring Do! Do it!

    1) Derpy Don't Change - Blaze & EzeeShady [200 Sub milestone collab]
    2) Mogul Dash - Pegasus Dreamscape (Ft. Callacanter)
    3) Daring Do (Love Me Do)

  • Story: Not All Who Wander Are Lost (Update Part 13!)

    [Adventure] [Sad]

    Author: RazedRainbow
    Description: In the wake of a tragedy, Scootaloo turns to a certain book series for comfort. Although not much of a reader, she hopes that she can find a brief distraction from the bitter sting of reality within the exaggerated tales of a daring pegasus and her epic quests for lost civilizations and ancient treasure. However, when she comes across a map that shows the way to the Phoenix Pool, an ocean of souls from which the dead can be retrieved, the lines between fact and fiction begin to blur. Blinded by desperation and depression, the pegasus filly sets out on a quest to a location that might not even exist, dragging her two closest friends along with her.
    Not All Who Wander Are Lost (New Part 13!)

    Additional Tags: Coming-of-age, Journey, Grief, Resurrection, Friendship
  • Simple PMV: Eye of the Tiger // I'd Rather Dance With You // Pony Matryoshka //

    That is one giant bee.

    Time for some simple PMVs! Fans of Fluttershy have a lot to like in this post. Check em out!

    1) [PMV] Eye of the Tiger
    2) PMV - I'd Rather Dance With You
    3) [PMV] Pony Matryoshka

  • Untitled

    Is it cheating if you have 4 legs?
  • Story Updates March 6th (Morning)

    Just two tonight! To Fix You, and Growing Pains can be found after the break!
  • Nightly Roundup #260

    I bet a bunch of you are playing this right now!  In fact, someone gave me a banner for it, so up that goes!

    Thanks to AceSential for that one.

    Have some roundup.