• Comic: My Little Pony: Internet is Magic / Flutterbitch is Back / Derpy's New Pet

    I'm pretty sure the above comic is 100% accurate... lets hope they never discover the internet.  Poor Rainbow Dash would be scarred for life.

    We also have some Flutterbitch, and Derpy pulling ridiculous references.  Click for full as always!

  • Music Remix: Pinkie's Homebrew *Electro Jelly Remix* / The Perfect Stallion Remix / Smile Smile Smile - Anorax Emulates Silva Hound

    Remix time, pretty much all electronic style this time around.  You can find them after the break!

    1.) Pinkie's Homebrew *Electro Jelly Remix*
    2.) CMC - The Perfect Stallion (Is Spike Remix)
    3.) Smile Smile Smile - Anorax Emulates Silva Hound

  • My Little Pony Fair: Information

    The My Little Pony Fair is one of the older collector conventions that happens on a yearly basis.  It is not a completely brony-focused event like our personal conventions, but there will be a pretty heavy g4 (Friendship is Magic) presence this time around from the sounds of it!

    One of the more interesting things about these conventions is the attendance of actual Hasbro employees.  They tend to do Q&A panels and general announcements.  If you ever wanted a more direct line to the guys making the toys, this might be your best bet!

    After the break, Summer Hayes, coordinator for the event, has given us a huge press release into what exactly is planned, and what you, as g4 fans, can expect to see.  Check it out!

    You can also find their website here!

  • Discussion: Pony Presidential Elections!

    You have considered them candidates for best pony, but what about their role as political leaders!? Who would run the best country if thrust into a position of power?

    Would it be Twilight Sparkle with her brains before brawn ideals, sending her own fledgling nation into a future of science and progress?

    Or perhaps Applejack would be better suited, with her honest nature and impeccable work ethic?

    Maybe Pinkie Pie could keep everyone's morale way up there with constant balloon-filled town hall meetings (and free cake.)

    But who could forget the coolest El Presidente of all, Rainbow Dash, with a country founded on the idea that her presence alone makes everything better? 

    We also have Fluttershy.  You may find her hiding behind the desk in her oval office the majority of the time, but the girl will stand up for what she believes in if backed into a corner!

    And finally, Rarity, with borderline OCD and an eye for the extravagant, this pony would do everything in her power to make Equestria the perfect utopia.  The taxes may be high, but living on the street would be like living in a marble clad mansion!

    So which pony would make the best political candidate in your eyes?   I'll toss a poll on the side bar! Try to vote with more than just your best pony/recent episode star/waifu in mind!

    And thanks to Kieth for the images! 

    Source Found

  • Welovefine's Pony Cupcakes Event Coming to a Close

    The final week for the Welovefine Cupcake Competition has arrived!   for those looking to enter, this is your final warning to get to the store and grab some baking supplies.  From the look of things, competition is pretty fierce!

    On March 9th, they are opening up the polls to the masses for a vote on the best of the best cupcakes.   Winners get their very own tee-shirt version of the cupcake they created, along with a poster and messanger bag. 

    Check out the Facebook page for more detailed information, and click after the break for a few of the designs they have received so far.  These things look delicious...

  • Drawfriend Stuff #353

    I for one am more than willing to change Derpy from clumsy to awesome.  This and Equestria Prevails just keeps making it better.

    Have some art !

    Source 1
  • Story Updates March 5th (Evening)

    Story update time! Just three this time around. Check them all out below! 

  • Adult Swim Derpy Bump

    Adult Swim recently did a small blurb about us in their "bump" things, primarily about Derpy.  It's pretty negative, but they usually are.  I'm sure a bunch of them watch the show anyway if past versions of these are any indication.

    Check the video out after the break.

  • (Kind of Rumor) McDonalds Pony Toys Showing Up Early

    Picture Source Joe
    We have received numerous reports from McDonalds lovers everywhere that the pony toys are actually showing up early; though a good majority of them are from the last year's selection.  It sounds like they may be selling off a bit of the old stock to make room for the new one's official release on the 9th.  This is obviously pretty isolated, so I'd call before rushing over to your nearby restaurant and demanding ponies. 

    Considering these have been shipped and sitting in back rooms for a good week or two now, it wouldn't be too surprising to see some busting them out instead of ordering more of the current line of toys.  Again though, my nearby McDonalds is a good example of a place that still hasn't released them, so make sure you check before you start hunting!
  • Adweek Reports on The Hub

    Some good news for you all has come out of Adweek today about the Hub and its steady rise as a viable network. While there are only a couple nods to Friendship is Magic and the fanbase, it's an interesting read and paints a positive picture overall for the company as well as highlights some of the challenges they face.

    In the end, good news for the network means good news for the show. Keep rocking on Hub employees!

    You can find the article here.
  • Story: The Great And Powerful Trixie Falls In Love With A Pine Cone

    [Comedy] [Random] [Shipping]
    What the actual fuc

    Description: It had to happen eventually.

    ...actually, no. No, it really didn't.

    Set immediately after the events of Boast Busters, Trixie finds herself in a quandary when she realises she has left her purse behind in Ponyville. She faces a humiliating walk back into town to pick up her money. Before she can turn back, however, she meets a magical, sentient pine cone and her life is changed forever.

    The Great And Powerful Trixie Falls In Love With A Pine Cone

    Additional Tags: This is your new OTP
  • PMV: Freeze Frame - De Magickz Frame / Fashion

    I heard you guys liked Rhythm Heaven! I honestly didn't even know the game existed before pony.

    We start with some Photofinish filming The Wonderbolts, and as a small bonus, have some Fluttershy Lady Gaga stuff just to fit the trend.   

    1.) Freeze Frame - De Magickz Frame
    2.) Fashion

  • Music: Where Her Heart Is / Smile Rock! / Becoming Popular (Funk House Mix)

    Remix time...kind of.  That first one is sort of a mashup of a whole bunch of Applejack lines from various songs.  Pretty well done actually!

    We also have some Smile rock version, and a funk house mix of Becoming Popular. Check them all out below.

    1.) Facexplodie - Where Her Heart Is
    2.) Smile Rock!
    3.) 5o9- Becoming Popular (Funk House Mix)

  • Story: Apple Moneybags


    Author: IThoughtYouWantedWhining
    Description: Applejack has a chance encounter with a dapper businesspony who wants to make a few changes to Sweet Apple Acres. In the ensuing changes, friendships are challenged, a family is transformed overnight, and the once-quiet orchard is now an apex of employ. Will Applejack weather this storm, or be swept up in the rush of wealth?

    Apple Moneybags

    Additional Tags: Dishonesty, change, economics
  • Music: Derpy Don't Change // Discord by the Campfire // Pinkie's Rapping Telegram

    Music time!  We have Derpy, Acoustic, and some rap music!

    1) Derpy Don't Change - Blaze & EzeeShady [200 Sub milestone collab]
    2) Discord by the Campfire
    3) Pinkie's Rapping Telegram

  • Comic: Twilight Vs. Technology Part 1 and 2 / Friendship Muffin

    Comic time! Twilight Sparkle meets all sorts of modern technology above, and Derpy masters the use of portals below! We sure to cross these guys over a lot... some day ponies really will invade everything!

  • Story: Off-Key (Update Part 3!)

    [Grimdark] [Comedy] [Friend-Shipping]

    Author: Chromosome
    Description: All legends begin somewhere, and in the musical world, they tend to begin at the Hoofington Institute for Musical Excellence. When a young, unwilling Vinyl Scratch is forced into its halls, she will discover far more than simply music among dark secrets. Because after all, great ponies are not born, but grown from the ashes of dying myths.

    Off-Key Part 1
    Off-Key Part 2
    Off-Key Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Still a very pretentious pony, bittersweet
  • The Brony Show Episode 42 - Bagpipe Brony

    Lots of copy paste for this week! check it out after the break.

  • Equestrian Inquierer Issues #28

    Round 28 of the Equestrian Inquirer has been released! check out the print version here, and the video after the break!
  • TF2 Night!

    I have stuff to schedule up and EQD to work on! The game is still going though if you want to join (As of 6:02 AM MT)

    That was a lot of fun! I'm probably going to do more of these in the future.
  • Music Remix: Super Ponebeat - Flim Flam Brothers

    It's late, and this got lost in the super organized eqd filing system,  so have some Eurobeat!

    Also adding a new Music Remix tag, because we needed one. 

  • Nightly Roundup #259

    This Celestia is just straight up awesome.

    Have some news!

    Also, we have a new banner for those that noticed. UC77 recently joined the league of banner creators with this awesome Dragon Ball Z banner.  Check out his DA page here!

    And of course, the Hot Blooded Pinkie Pie Tumblr that needs to update more so I can spotlight it!
  • Story Updates March 5th (Morning)

    Story update time! We have seven brand new chapters for you all to lose the next few hours in (Including me this time around, confound this nightly roundup!). Check them out below!

  • Comic: Rabbit Season / Voices in my Head

    Click for Full
    Two comics for you all tonight based on this weekend's episode! Up above we have a scene I'm sure ran through most of our heads when Pinkie was playing her mind games on those merchants. Pinkie, you really do feel like a lost Looney Tune.

    Down below we have a comic explaining what must have gone through Fluttershy's head when she decided to take her assertiveness training to heart.

    Click for Full