• PMV: Derpy Hooves music video - Grace Kelly // Ponies of Our Time // Aviators - One Last Letter //

    Silly Spitfire. It's not summer. Put some clothes on.

    PMV time! A Derpy, a Dragonforce, and some Aviators. Do it!

    1) Derpy Hooves music video- Grace Kelly
    2) [PMV] Ponies of Our Time
    3) [PMV] Aviators - One Last Letter (Feat. Bronyfied)

  • Comic: Apologies to Jordan Chase / Party Hat

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    Time for a new Pixelkitties and Madmax everyone! I must admit, Iron Will sure did have one heck of a voice. Reminded me a little bit of Johnny Bravo to be honest.

    Down below we have Pinkie Pie obsessing a little too much over parties. Take a deep breath Pinkie, it's going to be ok!

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  • Music: Beneath My Wings / Smile Rock! / Shoot The Messenger

    Lots of neat stuff this time around! We have a rock track dedicated to fluttershy of all ponies, some country/western based on Project Horizons, and a bit fo rap to finish us off! Enjoy!

    1.) Plaaay - Beneath My Wings (feat. Vafrous Coyote)
    2.) Smile Rock!
    3.) [Angry Rap] Shoot The Messenger (Original by H8_Seed)

  • Comic: Wanna Help / The Celestia and Luna Show

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    Time to mix something sweet with something silly! Up above we have another Derpy comic for your perusal while down below we've got a classic Simpsons joke as presented by ponies.

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  • Trixie's Revenge

    This has been flooding my inbox even more than the 99% fake South Park brony episode today.  I was going to put it in the roundup, but it is technically pretty cool, so have a your daily dose of Great and Powerful on an off-time slot.

  • Custom Compilation #51

    Fluttershy edition because assertive Fluttershy said so.

    Check out more custom ponies after the break!

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #352

    Disguise edition!  She only does it on weekends... yep

    Source 1
  • Story Updates March 4th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have seven of them this time around.  Find it all below.

  • Story: Pipsqueak the Valiant's Adventure Journal! (Update Volume 2 Part 5!)

    [Slice of Life] This was the winner of /fic/'s last Writeoff!

    Author: Casca
    Description: A series of entries depicting Pipsqueak's life before and after arriving in Ponyville.
    Pipsqueak the Valiant's Adventure Journal! (New Vol. 2 Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Origins, Redemption, Innocence, No Imagination Sequences, Adventures!
  • Comic: Rainbows are Magical / Winona / B Assertive!

    Comic time! We have an old one above, raggin on poor Rainbow Dash again.  It's pretty old, but no one sent it until now!

    The first one below is actually from Pixiv, a foreign website.  Someone translated it and put it on ponibooru.  You can find the original here.  And finally some Fluttershy being assertive! Click them all for full.

  • Music: Luna's Sorrow Rap / All Ponies must be Perfect / Twilight Sparkle's Eyes

    Ninja Pony! Yep

    Have some vocal stuff! We have some rap, some western, and Twilight Sparkle love. 

    1.) Shwabadi befriends Woody - Luna's Sorrow Rap
    2.) All Ponies must be Perfect (Original MLP song)
    3.) Twilight Sparkle's Eyes

  • Equestria Daily: The Game Hits Android Market, iOS To Follow



    For those of you who don't remember, I released a video about four months ago parodying the sheer amount of emails we get in the submit box each day. Not too long after that, a game developer started crafting it into an actual game, which still kind of blows my mind.

    Fast forward to right now, and there now exists a playable version of this game for Android devices. Again, it's kind of blowing my mind right now. The game currently expands on the formula of the original flash game (shoot emails to rack up points and win the universe) with some added and refined things such as a little introduction and tutorial for movement and gameplay mechanics. The game is coded in flash, obviously, so you'll want a higher-end Android phone to play this. It runs just fine on my Vibrant variant, which is a single-core 1GHz. It's a little rough around the edges, but with your support I think we can nudge the developer to refine it a bit!

    As of now the game has been submitted to Apple for inclusion in the iOS App Store. We'll update you when that becomes available.

    For now, download the game here!
  • Neat Lego Model Ideas + Discussion

    Someone over on the Lego website recently built these 3d model pony lego ideas.  Sadly, they aren't real, but the thought is there! These in particular are based off of the KP Shadow Squirrel's that have been floating around all over the place. 

    The actual mechanics seem like they would work even without legos.  You guys do have some pretty wild OC ponies with mismatching parts. I should know, they all invade my inbox!

    You can find the page for it here

    Now on to the discussion.  What type of merch would you like to see ponies invade?

  • Game: Cutie Mark Crusade

    The Cutie Mark Crusade adventure style game is making some really impressive progress! They recently released a video showcasing some of the gameplay we can expect to see when it releases in the future. 

    They actually tossed me a writeup for it, you can find that below!
    Hey guys, hey EQD, this is Buf from Manestream Games.

    The game is coming along nicely, if a bit slow sometimes, due to the fact that we're only three guys with jobs working on it. Right now, the engine itself is pretty much done, and we're busy drawing scenes, items and characters, creating animations and music, writing up text.. yeah, it's still a lot of work to do :) Myke's always trying to figure out new ways of pathfinding, item handling and whatever it is those programmer guys do, Orca's writing a lot of dialogue - we want every Crusader to have different things to say, about every clickable item in the game. Which are a lot of items. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep up with drawing and composing.

    I guess that's it for now! We hope you like the trailer, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (both /manestreamgames) and keep Poni! Thank you so much for your support, we'll do everything to keep up with your expectations!

    Greetings from the whole team,
    And of course, check out the video after the break!

  • Episode followup: Putting Your Hoof Down

    Fluttershy has leveled up once again! Remember back in the day when just Twilight Sparkle intimidated her?  It's amazing how much character development these ponies go through.

    So lets get it started! After the page break as always. 
  • Music: Giggle at the Ghostly Remix // Winter Smash Up // Smile, Smile, Smile //

    Fire the chicken cannon!

    Remixes time! Giggle at the Ghostly, Winter Wrap Up, and Smile Smile Smile! Do it!

    1) Giggle at the Ghostly Remix
    2) Winter Smash Up (Winter Wrap Up REMIX - Contempt Electro/Dub)
    3) Smile, Smile, Smile (instrumental cover)


    Err, back to doing that episode followup thing! Procrastination sure is a pain...
  • Space Jam + Rainbow Factory...

    We tossed a joke spacejam/pony song mashup out a while back, and you all got a good laugh out of it.

    Well, have the Rainbow Factory one, but totally not the Rainbow Factory one. You will get it if you watch it.
  • Nightly Roundup #258

    Sweetie Belle!

    Have some roundupy news.  Lots of stuff tonight! 

  • Vocal Music: Pinkie's Morning // Princess of the Sun // Knights of Time and Space //

    Twilight's totally listening to vocal music, which is what I have for you!

    A song about Pinkie, a song about Celestia, and Derpy and the Doctor. Do it!

    1) MLP: Pinkie's morning (pony music)
    2) Princess of the Sun (Mother Nature's Son) feat. Replacer
    3) knights of Time and Space (feat. Pierce Smoulder KeikoandGilly)