• Pony Trailers: Daring Do / Twilight Sparkle Vs. The World / Resident Pony: Afterlife

    Bring it on!

    ...er, have some trailers.

    1.) MLP Trailer: Resident Pony - Afterlife
    2.) [PMV] Twilight Sparkle VS The World
    3.) Daring-Do: Quest for the Sapphire Stone Trailer

  • Derpy HAS been modified

    Earlier a post went up pointing out that The Last Roundup was released on iTunes finally.  Sadly, it looks like she was actually modified.  Her voice is different, and Rainbow Dash no longer names her.

    This was in the SD version, I am not sure if the HD on my laptop is different.  I am currently re-downloading it in HD To double check on my computer.

    You can find the new Derpy after the break.

    UPDATE: Both versions of the episode have been modified.  

    UPDATE 2: As a reminder, The Friendship Express DVD is untouched, Derpy is still Derpy (At least in the ones we got, which are pretty much the same as far as we know)

  • Custom Compilation #49

    Trixie's got the right idea here! A smoothie does sound awfully tempting right now, but I think I'll avoid the hay flavored ones.

    Custom pony time guys! Check them out after the break.

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  • Story: This Platinum Crown (Update Part 29!)


    Author: Capn Chryssalid
    Description: After the time-looped events of The Best Night Ever, Rarity's relationship with Prince Blueblood seemed to be a fairy tale come true. Perhaps so, but it was a fairy tale soon cut short. Her dreams and future position quickly earn her the attention of powerful enemies. Only one mare can bear the Platinum Crown of the Duchy of Canterlot and be heiress to it's secrets and magics. The future of Equestria may well depend on that one mare being Rarity Unicorn.
    This Platinum Crown (FFN) (New Part 29!)

    This Platinum Crown (Fimfic)

    Additional Tags: Politics, Love, Secrets, Dominance, Dueling
  • Epic Pony Rap Battles of Equestria: Rainbow Dash Vs Fluttershy

    I googled for an image of these two fighting, but all I found was FRIENDSHIP and MORE THAN FRIENDSHIP.  Luckily the MLP wiki had this buried in there. 

    Another group is doing some Epic Pony Rap Battles, and this is their big debut! Their voice actors pretty much nailed the characters they are playing.   Check it out after the break. 
  • Welovefine: Equestria Daily Shirts and More!

    I'm sure a bunch of you have probably seen the recent addition of Equestria Daily shirts over at the Welovefine store.   You guys wanted them, so here they are! Right now we have three designs up, one from the Pixelkitties banner, one created by Cereal for all you college/university buffs, and finally an older banner from Mixermike622.

    I definitely didn't expect Hasbro to approve Equestria Daily merch! This is pretty exciting!

    You can find all of these, and any updates, by clicking the "Store" link that has taken the place of that ridiculously out-dated FAQ in the navigation bar at the top.  

    They also have a few new shirts up dedicated to the most recent episode, as well as that ridiculously happy Cheerilee face.  Check those out after the break!
  • The Last Roundup Returns to iTunes

    I haven't checked up on this in a while, but it looks like the last "why isn't the last roundup on iTunes yet" email I recieved was a day and a half ago, so the update was probably pretty recent.  The Last Roundup has returned to iTunes in all it's Derpy glory.  My personal episode still has everyone's favorite mailmare, so everything is perfectly intact.

    See this post for an update! Looks like Derpy was changed.
  • Comic: Smile

    Click for Friendship
    There are times in our lives when all things seem dark and grey, when all hope appears to be lost. We've all experienced these moments in this roller coaster called life and how alone they can make us feel. But, in the end, helping hands appear to pull us from the brink and into open arms; no one is ever truly alone.

    For those of you have been blue this week click above.

    After all, Friendship is Magic, and that is certainly worth smiling for.
  • Music: Dash Dash // Discord's Defence // Beyond Her Garden - General Mumble

    We have another Rainbow Dash dedicated vocal, a parody of Foo Fighters with a Discord theme, and General Mumble's version of Beyond her Garden.

    1.) Dash Dash (MLP:FIM Song by Dr. Kwack)
    2.) Discord's Defence -MLP FIM-Foo Fighters parody (Sorry it took so long)
    3.) General Mumble befriends WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden remix

  • Drawfriend Stuff #343

    What Twilight Sparkle was doing on Hearts and Hooves Day edition.  No wonder she didn't seem to care!

    We haven't had a ridiculous drawfriend starter image in foreverrr.

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  • Story Updates February 24th (Evening)


    Time for some story updates! We have six in this little compilation here.  Go read stuff!

  • Super Pony Taisen - Equestrian Frontier

    I don't know what to say guys.  The WTF combined with WOAH is too much.  Rarity just became best pony... I think.

    I've never played this game before, but if they ever add ponies, I will be all over it.

    I'm going to stop blabbering though, just go watch Rarity kick ass / be completely ridiculous after the break.

  • Comic: Squeezin' It Revenge / Clock is Ticking

    Click for Source
    You know what happens when you tickle a bunch of ponies against their will? You get a bunch of tickling yourself! Check above for MickeyMonster's latest. Poor Discord, he didn't stand a chance!

    Below we have a comic speculating on the Twilight meets future Twilight episode! I'm personally looking forward to it. After all, who doesn't like a little more Twilight in their lives?

    Click for Full
  • Plushie Compilation #43

    Are you all ready for adventure because Daring Do certainly is! Don't complain if you fall behind.

    Check after the break for more!

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  • Comics: Twitchy Tail / Vday 2 / Secret Fan Club / The Sorting

    It was almost a Dash only comic post, but then Pinkie Pie had to sneak in and steal her thunder. 

    Pinkie Pie always steals her thunder. 

    Click them all for full!

  • Pony Trailers: Game of Ponies / Hunger Games / Wrath of the Ponies / 300 - "THIS IS EQUESTRIA!"

    Trailer time! I'm pretty sure you guys can guess which is which.  Check them out below.

    1.) Game of Ponies
    2.) MLP-FIM Hunger Games Trailer
    3.) Wrath of the Ponies
    4.) Ponyfied Movie trailer - 300 - "THIS IS EQUESTRIA!"

  • Music: Rainbow Blues / Alicornication / Obscure

    We sure do have a lot of Rainbow Dash vocals. Have two more for the list! The first is a bluesy song, followed and a Red Hot Chili Peppers parody, and finishing off with some Dash rap.

    1.) MLP: Rainbow Blues (Pony Song)
    2.) Alicornication-MLP FIM-Red Hot Chili Peppers parody
    3.) Rainbow Dash: Obscure [Rap - Smooth]

  • Story: My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time (Update Part 9!)

    [Normal] [Adventure] [Friendshipping]

    Author: Koolerkid
    Description: On secret assignment from Princess Celestia herself, Twilight investigates a powerful magical artifact for clues to the mystery of Luna's transformation in the evil Nightmare Moon. Incautious use of the artifact sends Twilight hurtling back in time. Can Twilight discover what caused Luna's transformation? And will she ever make it home again?

    My Choices: Twisted Tales Through Time: (New Part 7!)
    Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |

    Alternate All links

    Additional Tags: Time Travel, Alternate Universes, WAFF
  • Story Update February 24th (Really early morning)

    Story update time! Just two in this one. Readers of Wild Sky Yonder and The Night that Never Ended can find them both after the break.