• Nightly Roundup #249

    Derpy has the best eyes.  Sometimes.

    Have some news.

  • Music: Smile (Bronified/Whitetail Remix) / Smile (And don't you dare to stop Mix) / Been Dreamin (Greatest Chapter Mix)

    Lots of smile remixes coming in!

    We have two new ones in this compilation, and a Been Dreamin revamp to finish it off!

    1.) Daniel Ingram - Smile, Smile, Smile Song (Somewhat Metal Cover feat Bronyfied & Whitetail)
    2.) Smile! (And don't you dare to stop Mix)
    3.) [Thank You Cover] Been Dreamin (Greatest Chapter Mix)

  • Character Screentime Analysis

    We have had charts similar to this before, but this one takes it above and beyond the past ones.  All the mane cast characters are painstakingly timed from every episode.  Based on the captions, he factored pretty much every single aspect of a characters appearance.

    I'm surprised Applejack had so much air time, considering she really didn't have a huge presence overall in season one.   Twilight is pretty obvious though!

    Anyway, check out his DA page here if you want to thank him!
  • Story: Off-Limits

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: Carmine
    Description: Pinkie is awoken one night by a mysterious mare that somehow ended up in Sugarcube Corner. When said mysterious mare tasks Pinkie with stopping Rainbow Dash from doing something 'super-duper incredibly terrible', will Pinkie be able to stop her in time? Or will Rainbow Dash's evil plan succeed?


    Additional Tags:
    Time-travel, Short, Pranking, Thwarted, Evil
  • Music: "Pinkie's Smile Song" Metal Cover / So Many Wonders / Shadow of a Flower (TeiThePony Remix)

    Time for some remixes! We have smile, So many Wonders, and Shadow of the Flower all modified and re-created below!

    1.) Stripe x - "Pinkie's Smile Song" Metal Cover
    2.) Myk - So Many Wonders
    3.) StormWolf - Shadow of a Flower (TeiThePony Remix)

  • Short French Pony Documentary Translated

    I don't have any french ponies to use! Ridiculous.

    Last night in the roundup, I tossed a video in there from a French news group.  Sadly there weren't any captions or anything, so most of you couldn't understand it! luckily a few people went through and translated all of it.  For the most part it's actually really well researched, imagine that?

    Check the video out here (turn on captions in the Youtube menu), as well as the entire translation in text form.

  • Friendship is Magic Storyboard Artists Breakdown

    With all this talk of Jim Miller floating around from our recent Twitter plugs, a bit more storyboarder information is more than welcome!  

    Mutating Raven over on Deviant Art recently dropped this really interesting look at the different people working on each episode.  I'm sure everyone has their own favorite, so it's nice to finally toss some names into the mix for each of them!

    Below the break, you will find both season one, and up to A Friend Indeed" for season two, along with each of the story boarders that worked on their respective episodes. 
  • Comic: Transform and Drift Away (Madmax) / Pinkie Makes Fluttershy Smile

    Click for Full!
    Madmax with more madness coming your way! I never was into Transformers much as a youngster, but I remember watching the heck out of Beast Wars. Ah, nostalgia.

    And some Pinkie Pie being ridiculous below, because she's Pinkie. 

    Click for Full
  • Music: Smile 3x / General Mumble - =) (Smile remix) / The Perfect Stallion (Euromance Mix)

    Dash sure does look like a duck sometimes.

    We have three awesome remixes this time around, two smile, and one The Perfect Stallion. Charge!

    1.) Smile 3x
    2.) General Mumble - =) (Smile remix)
    3.) Super Ponybeat — The Perfect Stallion (Euromance Mix)

  • Story: Aitran (Update Story 2 Complete!)


    Author: C. Theron Vulpin
    Description: Twilight has discovered a strange old book purportedly written by Star Swirl the Bearded, and Rainbow Dash discovers a latent spell in it that transports the two ponies to a strange island in the middle of nowhere. With no viable options for a quick trip back available to them, Twilight and Rainbow begin to search the island for clues to a way home and the reason behind the odd puzzles and contraptions presented to them.

    Atrian (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Ponies go to Myst


    Description: Twilight and Rainbow are asked by Star Swirl the Bearded to take on the challenge of finding his lost wife and daughter in the decaying world of Sohndar, which is ruled by an old enemy of Star Swirl's family who has been trapped there for uncounted years. Although their adventures in the worlds of Aitran have given our heroes the confidence to succeed, they'll soon find that Sohndar is an entirely different bale of hay.
    Sohndar (New Part 12-15!)

    Sohndar (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: The ponies go to Riven

  • Drawfriend Stuff #342

    Stuff that needs to be 1920x1080 Edition #30!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story: Buck to the Future

    [Crossover] [Comedy] [Sci-Fi]

    Author: Midnight Shadow
    Description: Scootaloo is a small pegasus with big dreams. One of those dreams is to be even more famous than her idol, Rainbow Dash. To get there, though, she needs to do a bit of growing, and first of all she needs to learn how to fly. A new invention from her friend Doctor Whooves may get her there in no time at all, literally before she knows it.
    Fimfiction: Buck to the Future (All Links)
    Google Docs: Buck to the Future (Chapter 1)

    Additional Tags: nopony calls me a chicken

    6 Stars in 3 hours! Good work! 
  • Instrumental Music: Twilight's Quest // Octavia the Spartan // Project Rainbow // Ballad Of The Brony

    Come one, come all, the new sensation!
    Guarantees, then obligations!
    Spotlights follow every single move!

    Instrumental Twilight, Octavia, and Project Rainbow for you today!

    1) Laservega - Twilight's Quest
    2) Brony MACH - Octavia the Spartan (Sparta Remix)
    3) MusicalPony - Project Rainbow
    4) Ballad of the Brony

  • Ponies and SCIENCE!

    I'm sure a bunch of people out there are scratching their heads at our odd little community and FiM in general.  Luckily, ponies have gained the backing of SCIENCE in an attempt to wipe out the confusion! Dr. Patrick Edwards (Seen above) is embracing the brony culture with surveys and convention visits, observing with a scientific eye.  His goal is to explain why we like this show, and how the hell we built an internet culture around it.

    Check out his interview here for some neat information on how he is analyzing us for his scientific journals, and eventual book.
  • Pony Hospital/Daring Do TF2 Map

    I'm not too sure how balanced something like this would be, but you gotta give them some credit for making pretty damn accurate rendition of Ponyville Hospital and Daring Do's temple with just a few clips from the show. 

    I've been playing a lot of TF2 lately, are there any servers out there that rotate these?  I can only do so much 2fort!

    Anyway, check this out after the break! 
  • Music: The Ballad of Applejack's Last Round Up / Day Bringer / Twilight's Departure

    Vocal time! We have all sorts of good stuff in this one.  Check them all out below!

    1.) The Ballad of Applejack's Last Round Up [derpy mix]
    2.) Day Bringer (Day Tripper) [2KSUBS!!!]
    3.) Twilight's Departure - Blaze & MysteriousSpoon

  • Story: On The Docks (Update Part 3!)

    [Normal] [Noir]

    Author: Mad Brochacho
    Description: When Ponyville private investigator Anna Bride is hired by a wealthy fashionista to spy on a baker from old town, what seems at first like a routine smear job lands Bride in a tangle of deceit, lies, and murder.

    A hardboiled crime novella set in the magical world of Equestria.
    On The Docks: Chapter 1
    On The Docks: Chapter 2

    On The Docks: Chapter 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Crime, Chandleresque , Noir, Hardboiled, First-person
  • Equestrian Inquirer Special Announcement / Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights Braeburn

    We have two series this time around with smaller updates than normal! First off is the Equestrian Inquirer's new special announcement, of ridiculousness, as always.

    And following that is the governator's stance on everyone's favorite cowpony (Sorry Applejack!).

    Check them out after the break.

  • Daring Do Sidescroller

    I think Seth's love for Daring Do is rubbing off on me.

    Tonight I have for you a sidescrolling game featuring Rainbow Dash's favorite heroine, and lemme tell you, it is really pretty. This first version may only be a small sample level for framerate testing purposes, but the visuals are far and above what we usually see from these games. Check it out below!

  • Nightly Roundup #248

    Derpy pancakes are the best pancakes!

    Have some news.

  • Comprehensive Best Pony Survey from Reddit

    A poll recently went down over on Reddit to determine the best pony in several categories.  The creator set them all up in really colorful pie charts! You guys like pie charts right? Check them all out in the imagur album here!
  • Trixie confirmed for cool character

    Cooool, best storyboard supervisor ever.

    Roundup coming in a bit, I swear.  I'm not procrastinating and watching Friendship is Witchcraft's sweetie bot episode for the 20th time, nope!
  • YTP: Twilight Wreaks Havoc Onto Bronyville

    We haven't posted a Youtube Poop in forever. I'm sure those of you that love completely ridiculous and semi-nsfw humor will find it beyond hilarious though. Enjoy!

  • Pony Trailers: Call of Pony 4: Modern Warmare Intro // Pinkie Feet!!! //

    Time for some pony trailers!

    Tonight we have Call of Duty 4 and Pinkie Feet! Two things I would have never imagined using in the same post. But there you are. I did.

    1) Call of Pony 4: Modern Warmare Intro
    2) Pinkie Feet!!!