• About the Leak

    I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong
    Yes, we know there was a leak.  We have been asked not to link to it.   For the sake of all of our email boxes we are just letting you all know! Now go get back to doing pony stuff.
  • Story: Hexonxonx


    Author: Cyanide
    Description: If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. What if you gaze into the eyes of chaos?
    Hexonxonx (Lots of new chapters!)

    Additional Tags: Chaos, madness, music, dreams, reality
  • Awesome PMV: Loyalty

    I have to admit, this one goes a bit overkill on the filters, but for being a whopping six minutes long and keeping momentum the entire time, with enough fully custom scenes to constitute one of those one and a half minute PMV's that usually make it into this category, I think it deserves a spot on the list!

    (That was the longest sentence ever)

    Have some LOYALTY after the break!

  • Music: Friendship(Original Song) // Troubled Bewilderment ) // Ponyville State Asylum // Junebug // Pinkie's Party Adventure

    Time for some instrumental music! It's a varied batch tonight: we have a song for Derpy, some creepy ambiance music, an original piece, some electronic from Silva Hound, and  Dig it!

    1) Friendship(Original Song)
    2) Troubled Bewilderment (Derpy Hooves inspired composition)
    3) Riff Track- Ponyville State Asylum
    4.) Silva Hound - Junebug
    5.) Pinkie's Party Adventure for NES

  • Story: D-I-V-O-R-C-E

    [Shipping] [Sad]

    Shipping=Ignore the star rating!

    Author: SanityLost
    Description: Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been married for four years, they adopted a foal, a red pegasus named Reddawn, and settled down on the farm. However, all is not well. Rainbow Dash's demanding career as a Wonderbolt is threatening to tear the family asunder. Will Rainbow Dash choose to continue her career as a Wonderbolt, or choose to give up her career to stay in Ponyville with her family?

    Additional Tags: Marriage, Divorce, Family, Love, Sacrifice
  • Bronyland Pony Personality Test

    If you look at Ponibooru right now, these test results are everywhere! This one is mine. I'm quite pleased with that result, considering I answered everything honestly.

    The Bronyland Personality Test a pretty simple quiz with an analysis at the end telling you which pony you're most like, superimposed on the average scores. If you've got ten minutes, it's a fun little distraction. Go check it out!

    Pony Personality Test
  • Music: I Tried / One Last Letter / Scootaloo's Wings (Piano Cover)

    Time for some vocal stuff! I think this is the first Spike one we have received.  Check them all out after the break!

    1.) Stablefree - I Tried. (Spike's Lament)
    2.) MLP FIM One Last Letter (Cover of Aviators+Bronyfied)
    3.) Scootaloo's Wings (Piano Cover)

  • The Luggage Pony Set HATH ARRIVED

    (Luna Mode: Deactivate)  For all the collectors out there, or those that are dying for some pony luggage, a new set has started popping up.  Our bros over at Sci-fi Genre sent these hasbro-supplied images over from their new stock.  I haven't dug around stores of pony in a while, so I'm not too sure how widely available they are.

    All images/ponies can be found after the break!

  • More New Welovefine Shirts+Bags

    Welovefine seems to have escaped the Derpygeddon pretty much unscathed! A few new items have popped up, including her very own bag.  Now YOU can roleplay everyone's favorite mailmare while crashing into absolutely everything.  Be sure to fill it to the brim with letters and muffins, just for the added explosion effect after slamming into a light pole. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #328

    Derpy fits right in!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 8th (Evening)

    It's story update time! A bigger one this time around since I missed last night.  Check them all out below. 

  • Music: Canterlot Suite / It's About Time / Daring Do: Fearless Filly / Fluttershy's Rampage / Static Strings

    Instrumental music time! How pony is it? Who knows! It's still good though!

    1.) Canterlot Suite (Piano Improvisation)
    2.) It's About Time AcousticBrony! -_- (Pinkie Pie's Theme)
    3.) Daring Do: Fearless Filly (ZIQ23) - CaptainFluffatun
    4.) Whoosh - Fluttershy's Rampage
    5.) Epic Final Bosses of Equestria: Static Strings - Vinyl Scratch x Octavia

  • New MALE Alicorn?

    Someone tossed this up on Ponibooru from one of those random foreign pony magazines, specifically a French one in this case.   It was translated by Kole  in the comments section:
    And Rarity finally walks in the ball room like a fairy princess !

    But as she gets near to the prince’s throne, she discovers … a 4 years old little pony! « Let me introduce you Leon, my little cousin. » announces Celestia.

    « Today, I’ve been impressed by the strength of your dreams and by the sacrifice you made to realize Rarity’s. As a reward, I’m inviting you at a private banquet. Rarity, you’ll be able to dance all night long with … my nephew Vladimir. I heard you’d like to meet him, wouldn’t you? » The princess adds with a smirk.
    I guess Alicorns are becoming commonplace!

    There isn't a whole lot of other information on it, but it looks pretty legit from what I have seen of these magazines (Very basic vectors and edits).

    (We can't link ponibooru here, it tends to die a horrible death every time)

    \Thanks to Jones for the heads up! 
  • YTPMV: She Fluttered like a BUTTERFLY / Super Mare-io 64: Staff Roll / Invaders Must Pie

    It took a while to find three really well done ytpmvs! Check them all out after the break.

    1.) She Fluttered like a BUTTERFLY
    2.) Super Mare-io 64: Staff Roll
    3.) Invaders Must Pie

  • Game: Apple Family Cider ATTACK

    Click for Game!
    It's time to make some CIDER.  Buck apples as Applejack, Knock them out of trees with Fluttershy, sort them with Rarity and Granny Smith, smash them with Rainbow Dash!  Can you HANDLE the everyday chores of the Apple family?!

    Click the image for the game!
  • Video/Music: Bad Harmony

    How sneaky! I found this buried in the event folder. Someone added lyrics to one of those really well done PMV's from a while back.     It's definitely awesome, so you should definitely check it out after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #236

    It looks like the art stream thing was a pretty big success! All three channels broke 50+ people, which is pretty big considering it's so late.

    I will probably keep doing that in the future, though it might just be a nightly "Artist spotlight" where I link just one.

    Have some news!

  • Nightly Artist Livestreams: Tistra / Toxic Mario / Tetrapony

    You guys look bored! Lets start a new thing!

    Artists seem to love drawing in front of a crowd, and what better way to get them said audience than by plugging it here!

    Tonight we have a few on the menu, all found below.

    If this works out, I will probably do it again either daily or weekly.

    Note: Their streams may fill pretty quick, so be sure to join fast! 

    Definitely a successful event! All channels broke 50 sustained viewers even at these low traffic hours.  I think this is something we will be doing from now on. 

    Tistra (Offline)

    Toxic Mario (Offline)

    Textrapony (Closed)