• Comic: Book Buddy / First in Line

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    I'm glad that Dash caught the reading bug! Reading is fun, but this episode only reminds me of my own personal backlog I need to tackle.

    Down below we have poor Rainbow Dash once again trying to satiate her cravings for delicious cider. Poor girl just has the worst luck at this doesn't she?
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  • Story: Fireball! (Update Part 2!)

    [Normal] [Adventure] [Sci-Fi] [Comedy]

    Bookish Delight
    Description: Several years after Nightmare Moon's defeat, a meteor is seen hurtling across the sky. Its presence heralds a reckoning for Rainbow Dash... as well as the greatest spectacle Equestria will ever witness!

    Fireball! Part 1
    Fireball! Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Her hooves are BURNING RED!
  • Music: Octavia's Overture

    The Living Tombstone's has released his take on what everyone's favorite brown cellist sounds like.  It's pretty rare that we find one of these with actual lyrics.  They are pretty deep too! 

    Hit it up after the break!

  • Comic: Roll Out / Super Powers / Egghead

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    Did I mention how awesome this episode was? Because this episode was awesome.

    Above we have a surprise cameo from one of our favorite early season two characters, and below is a Simpsons reference, and Rainbow Dash's surprise transformation.

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  • PMV: Dare (PMV) // PMV - Immigrant Pony // Neverending Strife //

    So I heard you guys like videos with marshmallow ponies.

    Have some below. 

    1) Dare (PMV)
    2) PMV - Immigrant Pony
    3) Neverending Strife

  • Music: Shadow of a Nightmare // Unrivaled Power // Second Thoughts (Thinker Remix) // Trapped on the Moon

    Instrumental music time!

    Equestria Daily does not condone the shooting of Fluttershy, real or otherwise.

    1) Shadow of a Nightmare (Nightmare Night remix)
    2) Epic Final Bosses of Equestria: Unrivaled Power - Ditzy Doo
    3) Wintergreen - Second Thoughts (Thinker Remix)
    4.) Trapped on the Moon 

  • It's The Super Bowl, Everypony!

    John Joseco (take a shot) is amazing. But you knew this.

    How about the game so far? It's been amazingly competitive so far. I came into it really worried about Gronkowski's ankle, but he was huge in that first half drive. But what about you guys? Anypony watching the game? Who are you rooting for?

    Final Score: Patriots 17, Giants 21. All of my hate.

    Discuss how bad the Jets are below.

  • Music: Fluttershy's Gala / Shadow of a Flower (Stablefree Remix) / Sweet and Tasty is My Bestest Friend

    It's remix time! First off we have the Fluttershy section of At the Gala mixed into a full, really awesome song.

    After that is a really early remix of Shadow of a Flower. That's some speed right there!

    And finally, some Pinkie Pie.

    1.) F3nning Emulates Madeon - Fluttershy's Gala [Toastbeard]
    2.) Shadow of a Flower (Stablefree Remix)
    3.) Sweet and Tasty is My Bestest Friend

  • Drawfriend Stuff #325

    I don't know what started this Inkie Pie being awesome trend, but I welcome it with open arms!

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates February 5th (Evening)

    Can't beat the CRAZY, have some story updates.

  • Comic: Reading is Amazing

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    Taking the Lyra thing to a whole new level.  Madmax never ceases to amaze! 
  • Equestria Daily Nominated for Shorty Award

    Usually I don't push stuff like this too hard, but damnit guys, the current winners are completely ridiculous.  Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber cannot beat pony! I don't even know how to spell their names! I had to look it up!

    It is of course up to all of you! Head on over to this page, and use your twitter prowess to vote Equestria Daily for best fansite!  I'll even let you guys choose which blogpony to send to New York if we win. 

    Just don't let Justin and Miley sneak up to the top.  That would be the worst... possible... thing!

    Note: You need to add something after the "because" if you want it to count.  
  • New Princess Cadence Images

    A couple of new images of one of the Princess Cadence toys have popped up.  It looks like they will be rolling with a giant sized one similar to the talking Celestia from a while back. 

    I still wonder what crazy geneology spawned this princess that keeps breaking all the rules, but I'm sure we will find out with the episode. Here's to hoping it's a "Bride goes CRAZY" one!  Wouldn't THAT be interesting.
  • International Toy Fair Translation

    Over in Nuernberg, the Internation Toy Fair recently went down.  Someone named Weatherhoof managed to get an some bits of information out of one of the Hasbro representatives there.  The NDA For it recently dropped, and everything has been translated up. It doesn't have the best wording on the planet, but that is the nature of translations I suppose!

    Sadly I see no mention of Lyra, Bonbon, Trixie, Gilda, Scratch, Derpy, or any other of our favorite ponies.  Hopefully Princess Cadence surprises us with some crazy Luna tier personality.

    In fact, I think it might be aimed more toward the collectors among us in general (Aside from the obvious little girl demographic).    We just need to get bigger! Recruit more! Charge!

    And check the translation out after the break. 

  • Comic: Chimcherrychanga / A Friend in Flour

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    Comic time! We have Rarity sharing her amazing Chimcherrychanga's above, and Pinkie Pie's past friendships below.

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  • Wallpaper Compilation Megadocument

    Sigma has completed a huge upgrade on the pony wallpaper compilation document.  Included in his new update are the following new features:
    •  I split the standard and widescreen sections into new documents (I did that in the last update) because they were getting too large.
    • I changed the wallpaper galleries section so it has an image preview + details of the gallery instead of just being a list.
    • Added downloads:- Standard aspect ratio wallpapers / Widescreen aspect ratio wallpapers (sorted by character and sorted by resolution) / Mobile device wallpapers
    That brings the entire doc to a whopping 1700 wallpapers total.  I'm pretty sure that is a new record or something.

    Of course you could just use the amazing one found above, because Twilight Sparkle is cutest pony.  

    But if she just isn't your type, hit the entire thing out here!
  • Episode Follow Up: Read it and Weep

    That right there was my face after watching this glorious episode.   Seriously, this is butting heads with Lesson Zero as my favorite of the season.  Daring-Do is best pony all years.

    Lets get some followup going!  Everything can be found after the break.

  • More Pony Cakes at Wal-Mart

     It looks like  Wal-Mart is starting to expand it's cake selection for pony.  While we have had the barnyard set for a while now, this cupcake pile, Applejack mini-cake, and the one in the 3rd image with the blue background appear to be new. 

    Real bronies sculpt their own giant Rainbow Dash cake models though.  Don't wuss out on me!

    Thanks to Lonewolf for the cake images!

  • Simple PMV: PMV - Loyalty - original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony HD // My Little Pony - Beer! // [PMV] Reach for the Stars //

    I think I'll just let that picture speak for itself. If it is indeed capable of speaking.

    1) PMV - Loyalty - original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony HD
    2) My Little Pony - Beer!
    3) [PMV] Reach for the Stars

  • Story Updates February 5th (Morning)

    I think pony fanfiction is about to break some sort of word creation barrier.  We had seventeen new stories submitted today. 

    Good thing story updates slide right on through! Have some after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #233


    I might actually pick up the second Final Fantasy 13.  Still deciding on it though!

    Have some news while I go search for crazy discounts.

  • Comic: All That and Aliens Too

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    That's right Rainbow Dash! That thing was a mockery to ALL THINGS INDIANA JONES.    Another awesome comic from Pixelkitties as always. 

    There are some new episode spoilers in there too, so avoid it if you haven't seen it!