• Music: Luna's Eclipse- Ibeabronyrapper // MLP:FiM Rap - What About Us // Lance Arrow - Discord's Song ("Joker's Song" Parody)

    Vocal time! I hope you're in the mood for rap, cause there's two rap songs in here!

    1) Luna's Eclipse- Ibeabronyrapper
    2) MLP:FiM Rap - What About Us
    3) Lance Arrow - Discord's Song ("Joker's Song" Parody)

  • Music: Octavia (Spor Cover) / [Parody Park] One Hoof Closer / Back In The Da

    Woah, an Octavia song with lyrics? That's a Rarity. We also have a parody of Linkin Park, and Yelling at Cats with a new rap track! Check them all out below.

    1.) Octavia (Spor Cover) - Rainbro ft. Metajoker
    2.) [Parody Park] One Hoof Closer
    3.) Yelling At Cats - Back In The Day (of Ponyville)

  • Smile! Charity Ends at 26,000 Dollars

    Everypony, put on your dancing... uh... horseshoes, because it's Celebration Time! Bronies For Good's charity project, "Smile!", closed it's doors to the tune of $26,000 in one month's time. As you may recall, I was here the other week telling you that the 21k they'd pulled in for the Children's Cancer Association was 'stupid huge', so you can imagine the kind of face I'm making seeing their grand total (hint: it looks like =D). Congratulations to them, congratulations to everypony who donated, and congratulations to the CCA for all of this. Well done! Read all about it here.

    And hey, that amount means that the charity has 9 prizewinners. And if your name is N. Edwards or A. Swaw,  you've totally won something! You should get into contact with broniesforgoodgmail.com to resolve whatever submission derpage there was when you donated and claim those things!

    Just as a reminder,  but Bronies for Good is also gearing up for their next charitable event, the wonderfully named Seeds of Kindness, which aims to partner with the group Your Siblings and fund their goals of producing and emergency clinic in Uganda and a green village in Burundi. Right now, helping out means creating charity incentives. If you make music, work with My Little Remix and get some new pony songs in by February 29. If you're an artist of any kind, go get to work and flood their inbox with art (instead of mine, for a change!). If you've got unredeemed Steam Games or something lying around that others might find cool, donate it so they can be offered as prizes. These are the sorts of things that really put our community in a positive light, so take the chance to make us all proud!

  • ToyWiz Fan Art Contest

    ToyWiz.com is running a Friendship is Magic fan art contest over on their Facebook page.  All you need to do is create some pony art and toss it into their submitter over here (After clicking like).   The winners will receive a new pony toy from the upcoming lineup being released later in February.

    So go draw some pony! All of the specific rules can be found underneath their primary post header here.
  • Important News For Plushie Creators on Ebay

    This has been floating around today, and I think we've gathered enough information to confirm it.  Apparently various plushies on Ebay are being taken down if the name of the auction includes "My Little Pony", "FiM", or "MLP" (along with other variations).

    The creator of the Applejack seen above (WhiteDove-Creations, aka maker of that amazing Trixie that I was taunted with by everyone for a week :p) contacted the site about it. From the response they received,  it sounds like you can still call them "Pony Plushies" and include the character name, but anything specifically relating to My Little Pony has a good chance of being taken down.

    Right now there are still a bunch of them available, but for now at least, It's best to keep on the safe side if you plan to sell any in the near future. 

    Note:  As far as we know, this is not Hasbro's doing! Apparently actual community members are reporting these.

    Here is a link to the original Deviant Art journal.

    And the Ponychan thread discussing it. 
  • Awesome PMV: Clash

    Lip Sync? Check. Completely custom everything? Check. Catchy song? Check. Derpy makes everything better? 100% true.

    Welcome a new category: Awesome PMV!

    Check it out... above! Or here.
  • Mare-A-Thons Tonight!

    It's that time of the week! Have some Mare-A-Thons.

    Bronystate (Schedules and such above): Copy Paste-
    Hello once again fellow Bronies!  It's that time again: Bronystate is having another Brony Movie Night this Friday and Saturday.  Check our flyer above for more information.  Don't forget!  We will also be streaming Saturday's Pony episode live.  Hope to see you there!

    BronyTV : Copy Paste: 
    Another week, another Mare-athon! We will be streaming both seasons and Friendship is Witchcraft, starting at 6:00 EST (http://derpy.me/ESTtimeNow), then we will stream the new episode when it airs. After that, stick around for a repeat stream of the movie streamed on Wednesday (this week, short circuit).
    We have a new countdown below the stream counting the seconds until the new episode. We have also added easter eggs to the site for you to hunt down. (Please resist the urge to cheat or spoil the locations for others).

    Filly will probably do something too! Nothing from them yet though.
  • We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon Voting Ends Tomorrow!

    Just a reminder for everyone that still hasn't voted on their favorite episodes - the voting for the We ❤ Ponies Mare-A-Thon ends tomorrow! Head on over to the the voting page and toss your top 10 into the queue!  It's a pretty difficult choice considering we already filtered it so hard, but I'm sure you all have a few specific favorites.   

    The actual Mare-A-Thon happens on the 11th, so I'll toss a reminder out in a week.
  • Story Updates February 3rd (Evening)

    Story update time! lots of good stuff this time around.  Check them all out below.

  • Flash: Cheering Lessons - Take 2 / Yapplappershy the Movie

    We have animations this time around! The first one is a new addition to the Cheering Lessons from Sonic Rainboom, and the second is Yaplap's so many wonders SHOUTING song.  You probably know what to expect there...  Click the images for the flash versions!

  • Story: The Best Laid Plans (Update Complete!)

    [Comedy][Shipping] (Ignore Star Rating- 5 Star Archive Rating)

    Author: (Insert Pen Name)
    Description: Twilight and Co. set out to exact revenge on Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie for their latest round of pranks. Predictably, things do not go according to plan.
    The Best Laid Plans Part 1
    The Best Laid Plans Part 2
    The Best Laid Plans Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Mishap, leads, to, accidental, shipping
  • Drawfriend Stuff #323

     Ponies grow on trees edition!  Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Music: Shadow of a Flower

    Cheerilee needs more music! Every other background pony gets piles of attention, it's about time she got an awesome track to call her own.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Extended A Friend in Deed + Read it And Weep

    A few new synopsis have popped up for two of the upcoming episodes.  U-verse has a new one for A Friend in Deed, and Read it and Weep was slightly lengthened over on The Hub's Youtube Page included in the episode clip showed yesterday.  Find both after the break!

  • Comic: Ponies Play Battlefield 3 / Hobbit Logic / Doctor Whoof - The Sands of Time

    Three more comics for you all to peruse this time around! Battlefield, Hobbits, and Doctor Whooves. Enjoy!

  • Derpy Returns to We Love Fine

    So... if you head over to We Love Fine, you'll notice Derpy shirts are back. All named in all of her Derpy glory.

    I can't begin to speculate on what this means, I have less than no new information on the situation."Derpy" becomes a more apt name for everything the more time goes on, because... gah. More information as it develops, pony fans. Stay tuned.

    Note: The primary shirt being referenced here is this one.  Yesterday it was called "cutie bags".
  • Music: Rainbow Factory (DJG Dubstep Remix) // Hush Now (Don't Go To Bed)-Princess Addictia-(Nightcore Mix) // Becoming Popular (Assertive Fluttershy Remix) //

    Vinyl and Octavia for your remixes today! Brought to you by our official music ponies.

    1) Rainbow Factory (DJG Dubstep Remix)
    2) Hush Now (Don't Go To Bed)-Princess Addictia-(Nightcore Mix)
    3) Becoming Popular (Assertive Fluttershy Remix)

  • Reddit Voting On Background Pony Names

    So there's a page of voting threads on reddit for fan names of various new background ponies! Go and check it out! Everypony needs a name, after all- otherwise how is anyone going to write fanfics about them?

    Check out the threads here!
  • Story: The Cutie Mark Master

    [Slice of Life] [Comedy]

    Author: TheSlorg
    Description: The Cutie Mark Crusaders have had enough and are determined to finally get their cutie marks. When they meet a mysterious stranger who claims to be the "Cutie Mark Master", their quest looks to finally be at an end. But will even a Master of Cutie Marks not be enough?

    The Cutie Mark Master

    Additional Tags: Short, Parody, Everyone, Cute, Light-hearted
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: The Cutie Mark Crusaders

    The Governator is at it again, with another set of pony spotlights.  This time around, he is covering the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  Check all three videos out after the break!

  • Cathy Weseluck (Spike) Interview in a Few Hours!

    Interview time! At 1:30 EST ( 11:30 Blog time), Cathy Weseluck will appear on the Dennis Daniel Show.  Hit up this website for it!

    UPDATE: They started a contest to apologize for the technical difficulties! Details below:

    This past Friday, we were supposed to have voice actress Cathy Weseluck, best known as the voice of Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 and Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on The Dennis Daniel Show. Sadly, there were some technical issues and that did not happen.
    To make up for the overwhelimg support the Bronies gave us, we will be holding a SPECIAL contest for all those that tried to tune in and listen. We will give away ONE free comission from DeviantArt for a MLP:FIM drawing by one of DA’s talented artists. If you ever wanted to be a pony and fly aroudn with Rainbow Dash or buck apple with Applejack, you can now make it happen.
    To ENTER:
    1) Post a comment below on why you love MLP:FIM and who your favorite pony, pegasai, or unicorn is.
    We will announce the winner once we get Cathy back on the show. Again, we apologize for any inconvience and this is our way of making it up to you.

    Same link as before! And they meant their comment section, not this one.
  • More Derpy Crazyness on Tabitha's Website

    This one is almost comical in a way.   Over on Tabitha St. Germain's blog, every single instance of the name "Derpy" has been replaced by ____.  That just might rival some of the names she's getting over on Welovefine!  I have a feeling she is just cracking a joke on this one.

    That's it for your morning Derpy news! We will see what happens later on!
  • Story Updates February 3rd (Morning)

    Twilight is best LOSING CONTROL pony. 

    Have some story updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #232

    So much Trixie hate during that livestream.   The poor girl just wants to make friends! She doesn't know how though!

    Have some news.

  • Comic: Cupcakes and Milkshakes (Madmax)

    Click for Full-FIXED
    Madmax is at it again with another awesome comic! Check it out above!