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  • Story: Social Standards (Update Part 10!)

    [M/MShipping] [Sad]

    Author: RadaVonVon
    Description: Braeburn Apple has always been raised in a conservative household, as a member of the Apple family.
    Throughout his life, he's been taught what's 'wrong' and what's 'right', who he was allowed to love, and who he wasn't. Above all, he was told what to be, and how to be it.
    When he meets a certain blue Pegasus stallion buying a pie at Sweet Apple Acres while he just so happens to be staying there, he discovers feelings he never knew he had.
    Unfortunately, they happen to be the same ones he was always taught to suppress.
    Can Soarin convince him that it's not wrong to be in love, and that, sometimes, in order to be happy, you need to break out of your comfort zone?
    A story about discovering who you are, and being that person, no matter what others tell you to be.
    Social Standards (Update Part 10!)

    Additional Tags: M/M, Homophobia, Braerin, Coltcuddling, Cute

    WE'RE LIVESTREAMING AGAIN GET IN HERE it's going to be really silly and fun and stuff and we have EVEN MORE PEOPLE


    Event is over! 
  • New Read it and Weep Clip!

    Holy crap! This episode is going to be EPIC.

    Obviously, there are some spoilers after the break, but it's too amazing not to watch! Check it out here if you don't like embeds.

  • Small Update on Derpy Overall

    A few things have popped up over the course of the day.  Again we apologize for being slightly vague with it all, right now there are all kinds of rumors coming in from every direction, so we are only taking the stuff that is 100% confirmed.

    Right now what we do know:
    Until we can get a solid response from Hasbro, or more Derpy take-downs happen, this is the only completely solid evidence we have.  It does sound like some changes to the character overall will happen in the near future. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #322

    Sorry about the lack of updates today! It has been pretty busy. 

    Have some really late drawfriend stuff !

    Source 1
  • Octavia Invades New Valentines Day Game

    Thanks to d-pad for the OCTAVIA STORM

    It looks like Octavia has joined the official pony herd... kind of.  Sadly her file name is "Whomever this is".  So she doesn't have a name, but she does have a usable vector! At least it's something right?

    Head on over to the Hasbro website if you want to create your very own Octavia filled valentines day card!
  • Show Your Love, Buy A Derpy Shirt Today!

    Good afternoon, everypony. I'm here to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart: little Derpy Hooves. This young mare needs love, hugs, and 3 square muffins a day to stay healthy, but she can't do it alone. She needs your help. There's some rumbling and shaking going on, and the bottom line is that our favorite mailmare is in trouble. Here, have a better petition than the one that was up before.

    Show her how much you care by purchasing any one of the many awesome, stylish, and high quality shirts from We Love Fine. Act quickly. Act today! This may be your very last chance to score yourself a Derpy shirt, so please. Don't wait.

    Dollars speak louder than words. So show Derpy how much we love her, and keep her smiling for all of us.

    Quick Edit: Derpy has been renamed on Welovefine to Ditzy and Simply "pony cutie mark".
  • YTPMV: Cloudsdale Temple / Poniri Forest / Night of Yay

    We haven't had one of these posts in a while.  Have some YTPMV's!

    1.) Cloudsdale Temple
    2.) Poniri Forest
    3.) Night of Yay

  • PMV: Colors // If Twilight were Gay // My Little Pony Tenacious D Tribute

    PMV time!  the last one is more of a comic thing, but hell, we aren't picky.  Enjoy!

    1.) PMV - Colors
    2.) If Twilight were Gay
    3.) My Little Pony Tenacious D Tribute

  • Comic: Brony Music / Baby Discord 1 : Bon-Apetit

    Click for Full
    Oh come on Fluttershy, this stuff is awesome!  I didn't like dubstep at all at first either, but it grew on me.  Give it a shot!

    And some Discord below... the pint sized version. 

    Click for Full
  • Story: Running From Myself


    Author: torrentialCAM
    Description: The way others perceive us can affect how we perceive ourselves, and the results are rarely pretty. When a couple of Canterlot ponies from her past come to Ponyville, Twilight has a difficult time revisiting a traumatic event from her foalhood.
    Running From Myself

    Additional Tags: Slice-of-life, melancholy, Twilight, psychological, one-shot
  • Music: The (Ask) Ikea (Pony) Song // If You Only Knew //

    Time for some vocals, including one of my new favorite pony, IKEA pony! Check em out.

    1) The (Ask) Ikea (Pony) Song
    3) If You Only Knew

  • Cathy Weseluck Interview on 91.8 The Fan

    Over on 91.8 The Fan, they recently did a full twenty-three minute interview with Cathy Weseluck.   It isn't 100% focused on pony, but it does touch on it a bit. 

    Head on over here if you want to check it out!
  • Story Updates February 2nd (Morning)

    Time for some story updates! Find them all after the break.

  • Night Roundup #232

    Derpy Hooves~

    I love bubbles thanks to her. 

    Have some news.