• Simple PMV Compilation #10

    Is Luna still cool? I still like Luna, even though Seth says she looks too much like a real horse. Ridiculous.

    1) Applejack Present- Real Pony of Genius Commercial
    2) PMV: My Eyes (Dr. Horrible)
    3) MLP PMV - Rarity - My Sweet Passion
    4) How it feels to be Fluttershy

  • Music: My Little Pony - Becoming Popular (JayB's Pegasus Trance Remix) // Beyond Her Tomb Guitar Cover - CaptainFluffatun

    Time for some remixes- only two this time around! Because a song can't exist in this fandom without being remixed at least a dozen times. It's only a matter of time before I'm remixed.

    1) My Little Pony - Becoming Popular (JayB's Pegasus Trance Remix)
    2) Beyond Her Tomb Guitar Cover - CaptainFluffatun

  • Hearts and Hooves Game File Updates

    On top of the puzzle game we posted earlier, it looks like they also upgraded their Card Creator with a bunch of new Valentines Day props.  We also have the higher resolution (Though still small) images from the earlier post.

    Check all the new stuff out after the break! As always, there are a bunch of spoilers, so viewer discretion is advised. 
  • Comic: Cider and a Show / The Secret Cider Sauce

    Click for Full!
    The Great and Powerful TRIXIE has returned... in comic form.  Honestly I bet she would get along great with these two, in this exact situation.

    And some Appledash below, kind of.

    Click for full!
  • Comic: Squeezin' It More / Just Give It a Try

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    So I heard you guys like ticklish ponies? Check out above for the latest in squealing pony goodness courtesy of our good pal Discord.

    And we have an interpretation on how this weekend's episode is going to go down. Check it out below!
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  • Story Updates February 1st (Evening)

    Wait... when did we post a story about Trixie training Sweetie Belle? How did I miss that?

    Have some stories while I go schedule things so I can read it tonight!
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Octavia

    The next Tumblr on my 'destroy-with-comments' list is Ask Octavia, which has been going on for quite a long while but just recently returned from a short hiatus. There's plenty of questions and answers to dig through for this one, so I encourage you to look through the archive! If Octavia isn't your thing, there's plenty of Scratch in there, as well.

    And who doesn't love Scratch?

    Ask Octavia
  • New Hearts and Hooves Game on Hasbro's Website + Screenshots

    It looks like Hasbro has released another version of their puzzle game from a while back, but this time it's dedicated to the upcoming  Hearts and Hooves Day episode.

    The really cool thing about it? Screenshots! You can either go play the puzzles and discover them yourselves, or check them all out after the break!

    (You need to disable adblockers if you get an error message) 

  • Equestrian Innovations: All Science Leads to Ponies

    Cereal Velocity, head of the Equestrian Innovations department here at EQD, has released yet another video demonstrating the team's ongoing scientific breakthroughs in the field of pony.  We might not always get along with our somewhat odd friends over in that bleach white building across the twenty million dollar Equestria Daily courtyard (with gold inlaid bowling alleys and free smoothies on weekends), but we can definitely agree with their most recent findings.  I'm sure you all will too!

    Check out the full video after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #321


    Source 1
  • Custom Compilation #44

    I'm glad that Zecora was not doomed to the fate of a one time character. I always found her design to be quite unique and her personality very interesting in our world of pastel colored ponies. Hopefully one day we'll get an episode explaining the zebra homeland!

    Anyhow, enough of my musings, time for some custom ponies!

    Source 1

  • Story: The Moony Maiden


    Author: Dubs Rewatcher
    Description: It's been more than a year since Princess Luna's return to Equestria, and she is making great strides in her language skills. And along with this come a slew of new writing skills.

    However, Celestia may have a few objections once she finds out just what Luna has been writing...
    The Moony Maiden

    Additional Tags: Books, Pen names, secrets, socks
  • Humble Brony Bundle Round Three!

    It's that time once again! The Humble Indie Bundle has released yet another new package (Primarily focusing on Android games this time around), and the Humble Brony Bundle is gathering supporters for a hostile takeover for the good of all!

    Right now we have already invaded the second place spot, but by the end we need to surpass EVERYONE.  We cannot be defeated! The foals of the internet won't know what hit them!

    Hit up the Humble Brony Bundle page for all the information needed to join the donation drive.  We will win!
  • Comic: Rarity Don't Know How to Vengence / The League of Evil

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    Revenge they say is a dish best served cold. Too bad Rarity can't get the revenge part right. Check above to discover Rarity's diabolical scheme!

    Below we have Celestia getting fed up with Applejack's most recent letter. I told you not to send that AJ!
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  • Welovefine Blindbags with Orders!

    See, this is what I like to see.  Welovefine just "Gets" it.  Not only do they target our video game/metal/pop culture references with pony, but now they include the one type of toy we gobble up more than anything in Hasbro's MLP Lineup.  

    Currently their system allows one blindbag per order of three or more MLP Items, be they bags, posters, hats, or their normal tee shirt line.  They do limit it at one per order, so if you want to buy six things, I guess you need to order twice for more ponies!

    Hit up this page for pictures of everything. 
  • Story Updates February 1st (Morning)

    Story update time! Lots of stuff tonight, enjoy!

  • Nightly Roundup #231

    The best medic ever right there.  She keeps her team engaged with constant compliments and obnoxiousness.  Otherwise they get bored.

    Have some news while I go play more TrixieF2

  • Project Horizons Comments Thread #2

    Filling up threads one page at a time! All comments continue below!

    Have a link to the story post!

  • BGM: An Applejack On The Run / Cider Sales / Ah' Didn't Learn Anything!

    More BGM! Someone remix this stuff!

    1.) MLP: FiM BGM - An Applejack On The Run
    2.) MLP: FiM BGM - Cider Sales
    3.) MLP: FiM BGM - Ah' Didn't Learn Anything!