• Nightly Roundup #207

    So... I was in my closet packing for BroNYCon, and grabbed a poster tube just in case I wanted to buy any while I was there. I was pretty amazed when I found this inside it! Apparently it didn't fall out with the other two the AZ meetup group sent me. Thanks guys! And... my bad! /)(\ <---(Those are supposed to be hooves, I get these a lot in email and it took me a while to figure that out).  I also didn't have time to straighten it before the picture, so you get to see my sheets propping it open.

    If you didn't pick it up above, the blog will primarily be handled by PK, Cereal, Phoe, and Calpain for the next few days. I'll pop on every once in a while, hopefully with videos, though I literally learned how to use Sony Vegas an hour ago for the first time in about ten minutes, so no promises there.

    Anyway, have some nighly news!

  • Music: WolfOfSadness - CHEER FOR THIS / Like a Spinning Record (A Bronyfied Cover)

     Fluttershy dance music, and vocal remixes! It's pony time.

    1.) WolfOfSadness - CHEER FOR THIS
    2.) The Living Tombstone - Like a Spinning Record (A Bronyfied Cover)

  • Poll Results: Best Pony Psychological Breakdown?

    Looks like Twilight Sparkle losing her mind is the most popular breakdown! I have to admit, Lesson Zero has been my favorite episode ever since it aired.  Sonic Rainboom nukes, Fluttershy going wuju-style on a bear, and Rarity's overly dramatic attitude really showed off what this team is capable of when they go all out on a comedy style episode. 

    But I digress!

    This is a little late, so we already have a poll up.  Feel free to ask for new ones in the comments though, I'll find a fun one for after BroNYCon. 
  • Comic: Friendship is Tragic

    Time for huge comic about a background character with 10 seconds of screen time!  Sparkler is now 6th best pony. 

    Start here, and click the "next" links in the descriptions to continue on!
  • TF2 Sniper Reads A Letter to Princess Celestia

    Image completely unrelated
    John Patrick Lowrie (The voice guy for TF2's Sniper)  did this live Letter to Celestia reading at MAGFest.  TF2 fans will probably find something to enjoy here! Check it out after the break.

  • Music: My Little Christmas Wish / What Would Twilight Sparkle Do?

    A new/late Christmas song, and a track that goes explains why Twilight Sparkle is AWESOME. It's glorious vocal time!

    1.) My Little Christmas Wish
    2.) What Would Twilight Sparkle Do?

  • Story Updates January 5th (Evening)

    I for one welcome our new Sparkler overlord.

    Have some story updates!

  • Story: The Colour You Bleed (Update Chapter Complete!)

    [Adventure][Slightly Grimdark]

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: Caught in the middle of a struggle between Equestria and a neighboring country, Blueblood finds himself alone in unfriendly territory. Through trials and hardships he finds himself under the wing of a veteran soldier, and the arrogant, spoiled stallion begins a slow metamorphosis into the prince his country needs.
    All Links after the break! 
  • Comic: Twilight's Revenge / Kitchen Nightmare

    Click for Full
    Poor Twilight, don't let the trolls of the Ponynet keep you down! Click above for some good old Twilight shenanigans.

    Crying Twi is the worst possible thing -Seth 

    You've got that right, Seth -Calpain

    While down below we have some Cake for you to chew over.

    Click for Full
  • Story: Night Guards (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Raugos
    Description: At first glance, Princess Luna's charioteers might appear to be little more than Royal Guards dressed in festive apparel for Nightmare Night. However, there is far more to the story than that - the Night Guards once played a pivotal role in the history of Equestria, and have sacrificed more for their beloved princess than most ponies are even aware of.
    Night Guards (New Part 7!)

    Additional Tags: Hypothetical history, Royal guards, Loyalty
  • Drawfriend Stuff #296


    Source 1
  • New York Times Pony Correction

    This has been floating around for about a week now on their online corrections section, but for some reason has exploded today, and now it is on the actual Hub Facebook page.  The New York Times definitely strives for accuracy!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that screws up the news.  Maybe I need a corrections section?
  • Trixie Turns You Into a Pony... Equestrian Mock War

    Every four years, The Great Griffon Empire and Equestria play out a massive mock war with various non-lethal weapons (Water balloons, pies, ect) to celebrate seven centuries of peace.

    Unfortunately, the lack of fighting in the griffon nation has created a huge boom in population, and the ponies need more troops to really relive the epic battles of old.

    Grand Archwizard Trixie has come up with a solution: summon random sapient creatures from other dimensions and transform them into ponies! What could possibly go wrong? It is HER idea after all, and Trixie is infallible. 

    She is allowing you to choose a specific role for the war games:

    Unicorn: The long range artillery and strategists of the battlefield. Unicorns are adept at all sorts of magic, be it supporting your fellow troops with deflection magic or attacking the enemy with (Non-lethal) telekenetic projectiles from afar.

    Pegasus:  Ruling the skies, the pegusai are the primary scouts of the Equestrian military. They also play the role of assassins, summoning waves of fog that allows them to delve deep into enemy territory, where the griffon leaders are easy targets of their trusty suction cup arrows and plastic throwing knives.

    Earth Pony:  What they lack in magic and aerial ability, they make up for in pure endurance. Earth ponies  hold the front line against the griffon armada,  and work as the primary siege force.  They also have groups that hang outside the battle to supply all of the combatants with food and nutrients to keep going.

    So, what type of pony do you choose?

    Update: Added a poll! 
  • Story: Hell's Angels (Upate Part 2!)


    Author: Zamoonda
    Description: After an inexplicable explosion ripped apart the Everfree Forest, the sun that blessed Equestria and its neighboring kingdoms and city-states has evaporated, and Celestia was gone with it. Few remain upon the Earth to ponder if it was mere coincidence, or what was the royal army doing so close to the forest. A unicorn, a griffin, and several uncanny companions begin an epic journey to ask, answer, and cheat the question through will, loyalty, and pure luck: What happened to Equestria?
    Hell's Angels Part 1
    Hell's Angels Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Time Travel, Mane Six, Long.
  • Celestia Toy Review

    A very dedicated Brony has recently dropped in our inbox a review of all three versions of the normal sized, pink, Celestia toys released by Hasbro. For you custom creators and collectors out there I'd definitely recommend giving it a read! He goes into quite a fair bit of detail describing each version's unique characteristics which could make picking the right Celestia for your custom project or collection a little easier!

    Thanks to Richfiles for the review!

    You can find his full review and picture comparisons after the break.

  • Fully Translated Norwegian Activity Book

    Ole-M Fully translated a Norweigian pony activity book, and uploaded it all to a picture gallery site. Get your printer going, and go play with pony! It might not be difficult, but maybe you can entertain yourselves for an afternoon with these?

    The fully book can be found here
  • Story Updates January 5th (Morning)

    You are feeling sleeeeepy. 

    Unless you are Twilight Sparkle.  What is she planning? 

    Have some story updates while I figure it out. 
  • Nightly Roundup #206

    Books! Books everywhere!

    Have some news while I go read books.