• Music of the Day #29

    Our inbox is overflowing with Babs Seed remixes.  Expect a bunch of those tomorrow.

    Have some random music until then!

    Song: Mad Mares [Mad World Parody]
    Genre: Vocal - Parody

    Song: On the Inside
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Neighsayer - She Sure Showed Them
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    Song: Intraventure
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral/Downtempo

    Song: Skorp - Crystality
    Genre: Instrumental Dubstep

    Song: The One and Only... Lulamoon. [50 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!]
    Genre: Vocal - Parody

    Song: Epic Pony Battles of History- Celestia vs. Luna
    Genre: Vocal - Rap

    Song: NegaNote - Only Questions Remain
    Genre: Instrumental - Electronic

    Song: At the Gala (cool sherbet mix)
    Genre: Remix - Dance

    Song: Manard - How we do it in Ponyville
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: Doofcake - Mirror Pool Cave
    Genre: Electronic / House / Samples

    Song: GatoPaint - Babs Seed Rock! [Instrumental]
    Genre: Remix