• Music of the Day #24

    I'd make Luna the mascot of these if she played an instrument.

    I'd make Luna the mascot of everything tbh.

    And the usual reminder: Please submit a genre with your music submits!

    Onward to music of the day, after the break.

    Song: Accelerate ( Rainbow Dash ) - Neon Velocity
    Genre: Instrumental DnB

    Song: Resonantwaves - Crystal Palace
    Genre: Instrumental Ambient

    Song: AwkwardMarina + StevenAnnoDomini: Appleloosa REMIX
    Genre: Vocal

    Song: Brony MACH - Queen of Harps feat. Cygne
    Genre: Vocal

    Song: XJustabrony - Aren't You Dash (Laurie Webb - Aren't You Clever MLP Parody)
    Genre: Vocal

    Song: The Fallen Empire
    Genre: Instrumental

    Song: MLP Season 2 Piano Tribute [TCC]
    Genre: Piano Remix

    Song: Giddy Up
    Genre: Remix of Commercial

    Song: [MLP FiM] King Sombra EVOLVED
    Genre: Mashup