• Norwegian Pony Magazine

    Another foreign magazine has popped up, and this time around we have a full translation thanks to Simen! Apparently they don't have words for Pegasus, and a few other things, so some conversions are a little strange, but overall its perfectly readable.

    Sadly the majority of it is the simple copy paste vectors.  They need to get on over to the MLP Vector Club and mix things up or something!

    Check the entire thing out after the break. 
  • New Pony Facebook App

    The MLP Facebook page has come out with a little photobook app that takes your existing Facebook photo galleries and frames them in colorful ways to make a slideshow. In addition, each frame can be accompanied by a Pinkie Pie sound clip. Some are from the show, and some appear to be recorded specifically for the app, but it's all the original voice actor as far as I can tell.

    Check it out here!
  • Friendship is Witchcraft (Update New Short!)

    Hellfireshy for Greatest most Powerful pony award 2012.

    Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 1 - "The Perfect Swarm"
    Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 2 - "Read It and Sleep" 
    Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 3 - "Dragone Baby Gone"
    Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 4 - "Cute from the Hip" (New!)

    Spike's Big Day Short (New!)
  • Music: Finda Pet [Find a Pet Reeeemix] / Becoming Popular Remix / Mash & Slash With Dash


    Have some remixes! We have two from official season two songs, and one from a custom Interrobang Pie track. 

    1.) Finda Pet [Find a Pet Reeeemix]
    2.) Rarity - Everypony should know ( Becoming popular ) remix w/ VOCALS
    3.) Mash & Slash With Dash

  • Story: Remix


    Author: Obscurica
    Description: It finds and entangles them, heedless of genre, of class, of background or expectation - a thin red string, synchronizing the rhythm of two Manehatten hearts.

    Additional Tags: Music Ponies, Yet More TaviScratch
  • Comic: Unbearable Guilt / Where did he come from anyway?

    Click for Full
    Remember when crash was good? Those were the days...   Anyway, have a Crash/Trixie comic, because we crossover everything in this fandom.

    So many crossovers...

    Click for Full
  • Story Updates December 6th (Evening)

    Steampunk is awesome

    So are ponies

    Have some story updates.
  • Cereal Receives a Magnastorm Rarity Plushie

    Well, this was a pleasant thing to wake up to this morning!

    This fabulous plush was an early Christmas gift from the wonderful and super-generous and awesome (and six other fantastic adjectives) Joshua Horne. I'll repeat that name cause this pony deserves it: Joshua Horne. This same pony would also like you all to know that if you also want one of these super-sweet plush toys, you can email them here. Of course, money never grows on trees for anyone, but if you're lucky enough and you get picked, you could also be getting one of these in the mail, because Josh is crazy (generous) and enjoys buying these for people!

    I'm sure you came here for pictures and commentary- it's after the break, of course.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #267

    I actually have a "Tsitra wallpaper folder" now. Imagine that!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Music: Party Canon / Clouds / Game Master

    The party canon is literally the best idea ever. Pinkie Pie is amazing.

    The Living Tombstone and Omnipony this time around, with some bonus dubstep track from Pinkie Cake. Check them out!

    1.) The Living Tombstone - Party Canon (3000 Subs Special)
    2.) Omnipony - Clouds
    3.) Pinkie Cake - Game Master

    Woops, fixed the names :p
  • PMV: Lights [PMV] / Easy Feeds Flowers Ground / My Little Pony AMV Epic

    I'm liking these newer PMV's lately. I remember when Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom to _____ theme was pretty much the extent of what was posted here. It's still hard to beat the old "Epic 7 Artist" one. That's just a straight up classic. In fact, I'm embedding that after the break too for all the newbs out there.

    That second one is more of a PMV/YTPMV/Music Hybrid, I wasn't really sure where to put it.

    1.) Lights [PMV]
    2.) Easy Feeds Flowers Ground
    3.) My Little Pony AMV Epic (7 Artists)

  • Story: Apple Bloom's Family


    Author: Hopefox
    Description: Applejack won't tell Apple Bloom who her parents
    really are. With the Crusaders' help, she's determined to find out.
    Apple Bloom's Family

    Additional Tags: Family history, Regency drama style
  • Music: Meteors / Mare Do Well

    Click for Poster!
    Number one is actually an expansion on the music played during the meteor scene in season one. This show defenitly has awesome background music.

    And the second is a new song from General Mumble, dedicated to the battle between Mare-Do-Well and Rainbow Dash. I always like the covers people use for their music.  This one has a deviant art page, click the image for it!

    1.) DongleKumquat - Meteors
    2.) General Mumble - Mare Do Well

  • Comic Adventure: Hoofstuck

    I never did try out that Homestuck thing that used to invade out pony threads on /co/ all the time, but I saw how incredibly popular it was.   From the looks of it, this is the pony version - and at 170-190 pages, it's nothing to scoff at. 
    Description: Pinkie Pie has invented a new game that can alter the fabric of reality and threatens to destroy all of Equestria. Does nopony but Twilight think this is a bad idea? This is a suggestion-driven comic, meaning reader suggestions are partially responsible for what happens in the story.
    Pinkie Pie ftw!   Check it out here.
  • Game Informer Responds to the Feedback From Their... Response

    I've never seen a magazine rebel so hard against something before.   At least they used a Rarity avatar to get their point across.   I think a lot of us started that way back when FiM first started out.  Reaction images were huge back in the old days.  It's only a matter of time...

    That image is pretty difficult to read, so have a transcript after the break!

  • Equestrian Inquirer #15

    The Equestrian Inquirer has released their 15th issue! In celebration, their series has moved over to Youtube.  Check out the video version of this one here!

    And as always, the text one can either be found after the break, or at the deviant art page

  • Story Updates December 6th (Morning)

    >Plan to take a break after the roundup
    >Story update folder filled with stories

    Confound it Bony_Community_001, you guys only had two earlier!

    But hey! Before the Reign got a new image. Crazy power armor ponies make up for it.

    Have some updates.

  • Nightly Roundup #178 - Trixie!

    So, I got this in the mail the other day.  Apparently the DC brony meetup group sent one to each of us.  We appreciate it! Thanks guys!  Bonus points for the Greatest and Most Powerful pony of course.

    Have some news!

    I'm going to go take a break now... holy crap so much news.  Ignore the typos!  
  • The Legend of Dovakiin Dash

    Remember that old Skyrim dash thing? It got an upgrade.

    The roundup is really huge tonight, so it will probably be delayed some! Still working on it.
  • YTPMV: Pony Nightmare Clown Mix / Blind Mare /

    Dat Super Mario 64 music... Nostalgia all over the place. I think it's time to bust out the old system and play some Mario. See you all in a day or so!

    1.) Pony Nightmare Clown Mix
    2.) Blind Mare
    3.) Bon-Bon Ponyfield (Super Mareio 64 - Course 1)