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    Story: It Takes a Village (Update Chapter 12) 

    6 Star

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    Author: determamfidd
    Description: Spike only wants things to stay the same. Time, however, has other ideas. He's going to need a lot of help...
    It Takes a Village

    Story: The Cold Hand of Mercy (Update Part 4!) 

    4 Star


    Author: Staeg Masque
    Description: Death has come for Fluttershy—and is giving her an offer she can’t refuse. Fluttershy will have to learn how to cope with what comes after life, and the real meaning of Kindness.
    The Cold Hand of Mercy

    Story: Teardrops and Snowflakes (Update Chapter 7!) 

    Star Need 

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    Author: Vyreinos
    Description: Twilight Sparkle can't get The Great and Powerful Trixie out of her mind. When she realizes why, she decides to try and find her in order to confront her feelings.
    Teardrops and Snowflakes

    Story: Confessions and Considerations (Update Story 6 Part 4!) 

    4 Star



    Author: BronyNeumo
    Description: In the wake of a fun performance turned dramatic, two mares weigh their feelings for one another. In a sea of internal doubt and external crisis, might two struggling souls meet and find happiness together?
    Confessions and Considerations