• On Disqus and Load Times

    One thing bothering me about Disqus is load times.  It is a much more robust system, and does require a second or two to load.

    I am looking into a fix for that.  Sadly Google searches are only giving me outdated information, so I have to wait for Disqus support to respond.

    Disqus does have an export feature, so if we do switch back, hopefully I can snag all the comments.  If you  write something huge that you don't want to lose in comments, please keep a backup just in case. 

    Anyway, back to testing! Hopefully all these bugs will be fixed, and we can move forward with a much better comment system.

    One more thing: It looks like the front page comment tallies are actually being overridden.  They show up correct to start, then a half a second later are replaced with the incorrect number.  I think this may be something in blogger that needs to be axed.  I've emailed support about that, hopefully they can nail it for me.

    One more note:  The Disqus button above the comment box has your settings in it.  Some take a few minutes to update.  You can also go to the actual Disqus website and edit your settings there.