• New Comment System!

    Blogger is really limited in comments, so we are giving the improved version of Disqus a shot!

    This is going to add a whole bunch of neat little features.
    • Comment with Twitter/facebook/pretty much whatever you want instead of Blogger. 
    • Sort by oldest/newest/whatever you prefer
    • Threaded comments and replies
    • Notifications
    • A bunch of other random stuff
    Obviously upgrading from something as simple as the blogger comment system is going to be a bit strange at first, but this gives everyone way more control over comments.

    Right now the last ~4 hours is still migrating over.  All old comments should already be updated!

    There are a lot of small tweaks that can be done from the Disqus dashboard, and as needs arise I will probably swap things around a bit.

    Anyway, give it a shot! This is way cooler than blogger's ghetto comment system ever was. 

    We tend to freak out pretty hard when change occurs here.  Give disqus some time.  It will have a few bugs, but overall the features far outweigh the learning curve.  Blogger's comment system was very limited.

    Note: NOSCRIPT USERS -  You must enable Disqus.  It is not built into blogger.

    Note 2: You can change the account you log in with by logging out and picking one at the top! 

    Note 3: Added pages instead of that "show more comments thing" cause its annoying and slow.

    Note 4: Apparently Mobile makes it look like I'm the only one commenting :x I'll email support about that  

    Note 5: Login is Required (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, anything on the list)  

    Note 6: There seems to be a synch bug with the comment numbers on the main page.  It updates in intervals.  I've emailed support about that.