• Story Updates October 24th

    Trixie?  Trixie.

    Have some story updates.

    Story: Caramel's Light (Update Part 6!) 

    5 Star



    Author: Squeak
    Description: Caramel can't seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true.
    Caramel's Light

    Story: My Little Avengers (Update Part 4!)


    Author: Koolerkid
    Description: While out hiking in the mountains near Ponyville, Big Mac discovers a mysterious staff which grants him the power of the ancient god Thor. Old myths awaken, new legends are born, and one simple farm pony is thrust in the middle - as the leader of Celestia's newest crime-fighting force, The Avengers! A fusion fic with Marvel Universe, mostly Avengers.
    My Little Avengers

    Story: The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends (Update Part 6!)


    Author: pyschicscubadiver
    Description: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is just looking for an escape from his latest set of enemies and happens to teleport into Equestria. Surely nothing could go wrong with that set-up.
    The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends

    Story: Moonbeam (Update Story 2, Chapter 5!) 

    6 Star

    [Normal] More Luna!

    Author: Laurence Brown
    Description: Having trouble making friends, Princess Luna decides that using some magic might be just the thing to help her out. Things don't go as planned, however, when the spell she casts gives her some unexpected results!

    Story: Not Exactly as I Dreamed (Update Part 4+5!) 

    4 Star


    Author: Trixie's Hat
    Description: After Twilight is invited to work on a top-secret scientific project in Canterlot, her friends, who were allowed to come along, are excited to see what it is.  But when a catastrophe occurs that traps Rainbow Dash in another dimension, how far will her friends go to return the same loyalty that she has shown to them?
    Not Exactly as I Dreamed

    Story: Upheaval: Breaking Point (Update Part 18!) 

    4 Star

    [Grimdark] [Adventure]

    Author: Visiden Visidane
    Description: A coincidence and a magical accident leads Twilight Sparkle to a grim world hidden by Equestria's peaceful existence.
    Upheaval: The Breaking Point