• Story: Trixie's Favourite Pony And Other Stories

    This is a compilation of completely ridiculous short stories from Blueshift.  You can find them all after the break!

    Author: Blueshift

     Introduction: Behold a gauntlet of the most terrifying fiction you will ever read! What is Celestia's unthemely secret? Who does Trixie really love? What would happen if Twilight Sparkle was a lobster? All this and more will be answered in the below selection of short stories.

    Tags: [Shipping] [Comedy]
    Title: Trixie's Favourite Pony
    Description: Trixie has met the most beautiful pony ever - Trixie. But how will Trixie react to the relationship between Trixie and Trixie?
    Characters: Trixie

    Tags: [Comedy]
    Title: The Secret of Celestia
    Description: Just what is the terribly unlikely canon-shattering secret of Celestia?
    Link: http://blueshift2k5.deviantart.com/art/The-Secret-of-Celestia-257942294
    Characters: Celestia, Spike, Twilight

    Tags: [Shipping] [Comedy] [Dark]
    Title: Bloomberg's Last Hurrah
    Description: Caramel's jealousy of the relationship between Bloomberg and Applejack makes him do something stupid. But he has more to lose than just his dignity...
    Characters: Caramel, Applejack, Bloomberg

    Tags: [Comedy]
    Title: Rainbow Dash vs Summer
    Description: It's a hot day and Scootaloo is annoying. How can Rainbow Dash turn this to her advantage?
    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo

    Tags: [Shipping]
    Title: Airshipping is Magic
    Description: What if Twilight and Trixie were both zeppelins who were in love?
    Characters: Trixie, Twilight

    Tags: [Shipping]
    Title: My Little Lobster
    Description: What if Twilight and Trixie were both lobsters who were in love?
    Characters: Trixie, Twilight

    Tags: [Shipping]
    Title: The Art of Friendship
    Description: What if Twilight and Trixie were both inanimate paintings who were in love?
    Characters: Trixie, Twilight