• Podcasts and Reviews Updates!

    There are a lot of these types of updates coming in.  I think most people that are really interested in their newer episodes are already subscribed, so giving them all separate posts and bumps would probably be a bit redundant.  So it's time to start compiling!

    Brony Comms
    Ep. 9 Part 1
    Ep. 9 Part 2
    Ep. 10 Part 1
    Ep. 10 Part 2

    Otaku Ascended
    Lets Watch Episode 11
    Lets Watch Episode 12

    Diamond Dogs Podcast
    Episode 4

    Achung818 Guitar Covers (AKA thedanman)
    Hush Now, Quiet Now
    Pinkie's Telegram
    At the Gala
    Pony Pokey