• Pinkie Pie Bubbles Fail

    I actually got this one in an email from someone over at Fail blog.  I didn't know they had ponies popping up over there!

    Dem 3d bubbles. 

    ^^UPDATE^^ From the sounds of it in the comments, these bubbles aren't so fail after all!  From someone who works with toys...
    "As a TOY SPECIALIST (read: I am employed in a toy store) I can tell you more about the pic. I am not sure how they do this, but you put the glasses on and there is supposedly a picture that appears on the bubble."

    "It’s labeled wrong, but the 3D glasses might actually server a purpose — polarized lenses make colorful diffraction patterns like those in bubbles much more visible."
    Alright Hasbro, I'm done raggin on your toys now.  Go make us some cool stuff.