• Drawfriend/Writefriend Friend off Has come to a close!

    I'd say it was a great success! Here is the compiled entry post....

    Drawfriend/Writefriend Friend off

    I had such a huge volume of story entries that some have already migrated to the Story Archive

    If I missed yours, feel free to drop it here, or wherever.

    I unfortunately didn't have time to read all of them, so if the labels are wrong, please let me know.  I also don't know who the authors are for most of them, so I could use those too.

    If ponies are still around in a month, I think this would be fun to do again. Hopefully I have a system in place for uploading stuff so I don't have to do it all manually next time!

    I think I have aspergers syndrome or something, this blog has consumed me.

    In celebration, have an overly attractive Rarity, you earned it!